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60% of our work team are from France which allows us to supply you with reliable information about the French language, environment and culture.


Kevin Crocombe / Director

Fond of all languages, he learned French in Bourail, New Caledonia at a French private school L'Internat du Sacre Couer. New Caledonia is a French colony in the South Pacific.

Thanks to this he is well placed to know that learning a language must be a game, an adventure, fun...

A great believer in learning vocab not by repetitive repetition, but by using efficient memorisation and visualisation skills, he also has a natural 'ear' for languages.


Odette Crocombe

Born in New Zealand and spending most of her life in English-speaking countries, she always "swims" in a multi-language environment.

She speaks the Swiss-German dialect of Switzerland, has studied Spanish for three years in New Zealand, and also qualified as an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher in United kingdom.

She shares Kevin's view that learning languages is not just about learning vocabulary and grammar on paper, but also involves creating a cultural awareness a country.

She enjoys travelling and meeting people from foreign countries, with a particular fondness of South America.

germain tottet

Germain Tottet

Originating from the French riviera, he has studied Languages and Economics for four years.

He lives between Marseille and Nice, so he is really aware about cultural facts that a non-French person would probably not see.

He's been working with us since May and he has been busy writing web pages including lessons on Conjugating Verbs. He's also our French movie specialist.

Germain is 23 years old and speaks French, Spanish and English.

For him, he finds it most effective to be living in a country to practice and improve his language skills.

So if you want to improve your French, don't hesitate to cross The Channel or The Atlantic, even for a weekend!

maud wojcik

Maud Wojcik

Coming from the north-east of France near the Swiss frontier, Maud has spent four years studying Applied Modern Languages and Business at University.

After a work experience in Spain, she decided to work for us in UK to share her knowledge of French and perfect her English.

She is our Grammar Specialist and works to provide you with easy and fun lessons to avoid common errors of French grammar.

Maud is 24 years old and also speaks English French and Spanish. She is also trying to perfect her basic knowledge of Italian and German.

albin vidal

Albin Vidal

Originated from Normandy in the north of France where he lived for ten years, his family decided to establish themselves in the French riviera for the exeptional weather.

Based on his personal experience he has an awareness of the cultural and linguistic differences between the north and south of France, which he uses to develop and both the north and south french culture and optimize our web pages. He contributes a lot of interesting information about France and being French.

He's 23 years old and had finished his degrees in International Trade and International Marketing. He joined our company six months ago primarily to enhance our marketing department.

Albin speaks French, English and Spanish and tries to practice Japanese with our director, Kevin.



He's our artist for Spanish 2 and French 2 courses.

Originating from Latvia, Pavel has worked a lot in his country for local newspapers to illustrate editorials. He came to England two months ago and has impressed us with his drawing and caricaturing skills. We hope you will like them as well.

He has been working for us since June 2004. Pavel is 25 and studied English in Latvia to a high level of competency. You can follow his work in the new Spanish course 2 which should be ready soon.

If you have any suggestions or comments about us, please let us know here. suggestions and comments

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