How to buy on Amazon France ?

Buying through Amazon France is pretty much identical to Amazon US or Amazon UK, except that the instructions are in French. Never fear! You can do it if you carefully follow the instructions.

How to buy on Amazon-fr ?

1/ Find the products on Amazon France market place (Cd rom, DVD or Book)/Chercher le produit.

If you want to buy French movies from our website, you don’t have to find the products, you just have to click on each movie link (text or picture)and it will take you trough to Amazon France's webpage.

2/ Discover all the details about the Movie you have selected.

To have all the information about the DVD you want to buy from amazon France you must click on the title of the product. You will discover a web-page with a picture of the product, the price in Euros (Click here for a Currency Converter) and the delivery time (generally within a week delivery), the sale ranking of the product and also the average review score of the internet visitors. This page also contain technical information.

*Details concerning the screen format / Format Image:

With new DVD Technology, you can watch your movie in different screen sizes.

*Information concerning geographical area and sound format / Zone et format son:

There are 6 different DVD Systems based on different geographical areas. Just have a look at the map from amazon-fr. Technically you shouldn’t be able to watch a DVD from Asia in Europe.

However, most new DVD player suppliers have Universal players for all areas. Most modern DVD players are able to read all area Formats.

Zones de decodage

· Zone 1 : United States, American States and Canada

· Zone 2 : Japan, Europe, South Africa and Middle East (Egypt included)

· Zone 3 : East and South East of Asia (including Hong-Kong)

· Zone 4 : Australia, New Zealand, islands of the Pacific, the Central America, South America and the Caribs(Carribbean islands)

· Zone 5 : Former Soviet Union, Africa, North Korea, Mongolia and the Indian subcontinent

· Zone 6 : China

Check that your DVD player is universal and can play DVDs from all zones.

Languages and Subtitles/Langues et sous-titres:

Most modern DVDs can be read in different languages. Old and traditional movies are programmed to be in the original language but around 90% have an option to select subtitles. Watching a French movie can really be a great language course thanks to English subtitles being available on most DVDs.

The best thing for you is to watch the movie in French with English subtitles and note on a paper all the French words you have struggled with. At the end of the movie, you have been learning French whilst still enjoying the film!! You need to check all the difficult French words in your dictionary and widen your French vocabulary!

The more times you watch a movie the more you'll learn!

3/ Your Shopping cart / Votre Panier

Placing an order with Amazon France is easy. There's no need to create an account first. You will have to do that once you place your first order online.

Selected the item now you want to buy it: If you want to order an item from AmazonFrance, click the "Add to Shopping Basket"/Ajouter au anier button on the item's product detail page. Once you've added an item to your Shopping Cart, use the cart's top navigation bar or the "Continue shopping"/ Continuer les achats button to keep searching or browsing until your cart has all of the items you want to order.

4/ Proceed to Checkout / Commander votre produit

Take a moment to review all of the items you've placed in your Shopping Cart/ Votre panier.

When you're ready to place an order for everything in the "Shopping Cart Items--To Buy Now" section of your cart, click the "Proceed to checkout/ Valider votre commande” button. You will be taken to the first page of the order form.

1/ You will have to register as a new customer
2/ Choose the delivery address / choix de l'adresse de livraison
3/ Choose the Shipping Method (express, 48 hours ….) / mode de livraison
4/ Choose the Method of Payment / Choisir le moyen de paiement
5/You will arrive on the Order page with all your information / page de confirmation
6/ You will have to track your order / valider votre commande

Help Vocabulary

Classement par rapport aux ventes : Sales Ranking
Informations techniques: Technical information
Votre panier : Shopping cart
Nouveau client amazon france: New customer registration
Page de confirmation: Order Review

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