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If you need help French lessons and information are freely available here on this resource site Learn French Help. Grab free French lessons, information on French verbs, French words and vocab. Check out loads of stuff on grammar. Check out accelerated French vocab learning, like rapidly learning French words and sentences.

There are lists of French language schools in French speaking countries. There is loads of information on the various French speaking countries, with maps, flags and loads of statistics and facts.

Online French Dictionary - free, and online free French Translator, plus fully conjugated French verbs. Info on French magazines that are useful for the student of French. Need any help with learning French - it's all here.

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Learn French Help Home Page

French Grammar Lessons

If you need help French lessons on grammar, verbs, vocab, phrases & lots of other topics are here and available.

Menu of Free French Lessons
List of Fully Conjugated French Verbs
Indefinite article
Demonstrative Pronouns
French back slang
French adverb formation
French conditional present
French future tense
French gestures
French Grammar lessons
French imperfect indicative
French imperfect subjunctive
French indicative present
French infinitives
French interrogatives
French passe simple
French possessive pronouns
French Present Participle
French subjunctive tense
French proverbs
French reflexive pronouns
French comparative superlative adjectives
French comparative superlative adverbs
Grammar terms

Flags of French speaking countries

You can find most of the flags of French speaking countries here, plus histories on them.

Flags of French speaking countries - Flags
Flag of Belgium
flag of benin
Flag of Burkina Faso
Flag of Burundi
Flag of Cambodia
Flag of Cameroon
Flag of Canada
Flag of Central African Republic
Flag of Chad
Flag of Congo
Flag of Democratic Republic of Congo Zaire
Flag of Djibouti
Flag of France
Flag of French Guiana
Flag of French Polynesia
Flag of Gabon
Flag of Guadeloupe
Flag of Guinea
Flag of Haiti
Flag of Ivory Coast
Flag of Laos
Flag of Lebanon
Flag of Luxembourg
Flags of French speaking countries

French zodiac signs

All the Zodiac sign in French here.

Zodiac sign in France

French national anthem / La Marseillaise

Learn how to sing the French national Anthem here.

French National anthem - La Marseillaise.

Lords prayer

Learn the Lords Prayer in French - Notre Père. (Our Father).

Lords Prayer - talk to the good Lord in French.

French links

French links - Links

History of French countries

You can learn about history of French speaking countries here.

History of French speaking countries
History of Chad
History of Democratic Republic of Congo
History of France
History of French Guiana
History of French speaking countries
History of Guadeloupe
History of Haiti
History of Vietnam

French movies

Learn about the most famous French films. French movie - French Movies

French countries

Learn Information about French speaking countries.

French speaking countries - French countries
French countries
Information on Algeria
Information on Andorra
Information on Belgium
Information on Benin
Information on Burkina Faso
Information on Burundi
Information on Cambodia
Information on Cameroon
Information on Canada
Information on Central African Republic
Information on Chad
Information on Clipperton Island
Information on Cote d'Ivoire
Information on Democratic Republic of Congo-Zaire
Information on Djibouti
Information on Equatorial Guinea
Information on Europa Island
Information on France
Information on French Guiana
Information on French Polynesia
Information on Gabon
Information on Guadeloupe
Information on Guernsey
Information on Guinea
Information on Haiti
Information on Jersey
Information on Laos
Information on Lebanon
Information on Luxembourg
Information on Madagascar
Information on Mali
Information on Martinique
Information on Mauritania
Information on Mauritius
Information on Mayotte
Information on Monaco
Information on Morocco
Information on New Caledonia
Information on Niger
Information on republic of Congo
Information on Reunion
Information on Rwanda
Information on Saint Pierre Miquelon
Information on Senegal
Information on Seychelles
Information on Switzerland
Information on Togo
Information on Tromelin Island
Information on Tunisia
Information on Vanuatu
Information on Vietnam
Information on Wallis Futuna

Maps of French Speaking Countries

Check out the maps of the Francophone nations.

French magazines

French magazines - French magazines

About us

About us - About us

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