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You'll love the colourful verb tables of fully conjugated verbs in this French Verbs List. More are added regularly. The verb tables are highly effective and unique in that you can read them horizontally to learn each verb conjugation by pronoun (je, tu, il, nous, vous, ils), and also you can learn all the conjugations of each of those pronouns individually by reading them vertically.
Most verb tables just show the verbs tense by tense, BUT with these you can scan down the list of say je and learn the present, past, simple past, future, conditional etc JUST for that pronoun. This is a very much more effective verb table and way of practising your French verbs.

The key to learning French verbs is to learn the main recurring patterns. The French verbs list here has hundreds of fully conjugated verbs. Read a couple aloud each day, doing them in the morning, afternoon, evening etc and you will soon recognise the patterns of all the tenses. Try reciting the verbs from the French Verbs List vertically down each column, as well as horizontally to learn each tense. Keep this up for a month (or more) and you will quickly build a solid foundation of knowledge. Enjoy the free French verbs list!

List of Regular ER French Verbs fully conjugated

Learn one verb and the conjugations are exactly the same for all the rest of the verbs. This is the most common verb pattern in French. Study it well as you will then be able to use it with most verbs.

French Regular -er verbs beginning with:

A - Fully conjugated French verbs beginning with the letter A

abdiquer - to abdicate.
abhorrer - to abhor.
abîmer - to damage.
abjurer - to renounce.
abominer - to loathe.
abriter - to shelter.
absorber - to absorb.
accentuer - to stress.
accepter - to accept.
acclimater - to acclimatize.
accoler - to put-side-by-side.
accompagner - to accompany.
accréditer - to susbtantiate.
acheter - to buy.
acquitter - to acquit.
adapter - to adapt.
admirer - to admire.
adresser - to address.
affamer - to starve.
affiler - to sharpen.
agrafer - to staple.
aider - to help.
aimer - to like, to love.
appliquer - to apply.
apporter - to bring.
apprivoiser - to tame e.g. person or animal.
approuver - to approve.
arbitrer - to arbitrate.
argumenter - to argue.
arnaquer - to swindle ... colloquial.
arriver - to arrive.
arroser - to water.
aseptiser - to asepticise.
aspirer - to aspire to.
assimiler - to assimilate.
astiquer - to polish.
attacher - to attach.
attaquer - to attack.
attirer - to attract.
attraper - to catch.
auditionner - to audition.
augmenter - to increase.
automatiser - to automate.
avaler - to swallow.
avorter - to abort.


bâcler - to botch.
bafouiller - to splutter e.g. an apology.
baisser - to lower.
banaliser - to make common.
baragouiner - to jabber.
barricader - to barricade.
bâtonner - to cane.
bavarder - to chatter.
berner - to fool, deceive.
beurrer - to butter.
biser - to kiss.
bizuter - to rag.
blâmer - to criticise.
blinder - to armour-plate (a vehicle).
bluffer - to bluff.
boiter - to limp.
bouder - to sulk, avoid.
bourgeonner - to bud, burgeon.
bourrer - to cram full.
bousculer - to jostle.
boycotter - to boycott.
bricoler - to do.
briller - to shine.
brosser - to brush.
brouter - to graze.
brûler - to burn.

C - French Verbs List of Verbs beginning with 'C'

câbler - to wire, cable.
cabosser - to dent.
cacher - to hide.
cadenasser - to padlock.
canaliser - to channel.
canoniser - to canonize.
caoutchouter - to rubberise.
caraméliser - to caramelise.
caricaturer - to caricature.
cataloguer - to list e.g. classify by order.
catalyser - to catalyse.
catapulter - to catapult.
catcher - to wrestle.
catéchiser - to catechise.
cautériser - to cauterise.
centraliser - to centralize.
centrer - to center.
cesser - to stop (cease).
chahuter - to barrack.
chambouler - to upset.
chanter - to sing.
chercher - to look for.
chouchouter - to coddle.
chromer - to chrome.
chuchoter - to whisper.
circuler - to circulate.
civiliser - to civilize.
classer - to classify.
cligner - to blink.
clignoter - to twinkle.
climatiser - to air-condition.
cloisonner - to partition.
clôturer - to enclose, fence in.
coaguler - to coagulate.
cocher - to tick.
coder - to code.
coexister - to coexist.
cogiter - to cogitate, to think about.
cohabiter - to cohabit.
coïncider - to coincide.
collecter - to collect.
collectiviser - to collectivise.
coller - to stick.
coloniser - to colonize.
commander - to order.
commémorer - to commemorate.
commercialiser - to market.
commuter - to commute.
comparer - to compare.
compiler - to compile.
compliquer - to complicate.
comploter - to plot.
composer - to dial.
compter - to count.
concentrer - to concentrate.
conceptualiser - to conceptualise.
concerter - to devise.
concocter - to concoct.
condenser - to condense.
conditionner - to condition.
confesser - to confess.
configurer - to shape.
confirmer - to confirm.
confisquer - to confiscate.
conformer - to conform, comply.
conforter - to strengthen, consolidate, reinforce.
congestionner - to congest.
connecter - to connect.
consacrer - to consecrate.
conseiller - to advise.
consolider - to consolidate.
consommer - to consume.
consterner - to dismay.
constiper - to constipate.
consulter - to consult.
contacter - to contact.
contaminer - to contaminate.
contenter - to satisfy.
continuer - to continue.
contorsionner - to contort.
contracter - to contract.
contraster - to contrast.
contre-attaquer - to counter-attack.
contre-indiquer - to counter-indicate.
contrer - to counter.
controverser - to debate.
convoiter - to covet.
coordonner - to coordinate.
coter - to quote, price, list.
cotiser - to pay contributions.
couiner - to squeak.
couronner - to crown.
court-circuiter - to short-circuit.
coûter - to cost.
créditer - to credit.
cristalliser - to crystallize.
critiquer - to criticize.
culminer - to culminate.
cultiver - to cultivate, grow.
cumuler - to accumulate (draw salary).

D - French verbs listing, those beginning with D

damner - to damn.
danser - to dance.
dater - to date.
déballer - to unpack.
débarrasser - to clear.
débobiner - to unwind.
débourser - to spend (pay).
déboussoler - to confuse.
déboutonner - to unbutton.
débrancher - to disconnect, unplug.
débrider - to unbridle.
décadenasser - to unpadlock.
décaféiner - to decaffeinate.
décaisser - to unbox.
décapiter - to decapitate, behead.
décentraliser - to decentralize.
déchaîner - to unleash.
déchirer - to tear.
décimer - to decimate.
décoder - to decode.
décoller - to take off.
décoloniser - to decolonise.
décompter - to deduct.
déconcentrer - to distract.
décongestionner - to decongest.
déconnecter - to disconnect.
décontaminer - to decontaminate.
décontracter - to relax e.g. oneself, muscles.
découler - to result, follow.
découper - to cut out.
décrasser - to cleanse.
décrisper - to relax e.g. somebody else.
décrocher - to pick up e.g. the phone.
décroiser - to uncross.
décrypter - to decipher.
défigurer - to disfigure.
déformer - to deform.
dégainer - to unsheathe.
dégivrer - to defrost, de-ice.
déglinguer - to dislocate.
dégonfler - to deflate.
dégoûter - to disgust.
dégueuler - to puke.
déguster - to taste, savour.
déjouer - to foil.
délaisser - to forsake.
délasser - to refresh.
délimiter - to delimit.
délirer - to rave.
démagnétiser - to demagnetise.
demander - to ask (demand).
démasquer - to unmask.
dématérialiser - to dematerialise.
démêler - to unravel.
démembrer - to dismember.
demeurer - to remain.
déminéraliser - to demineralise.
démissionner - to resign.
démocratiser - to democratise.
démontrer - to demonstrate.
démouler - to unmould.
dénationaliser - to denationalise.
dénaturaliser - to denaturalise.
dénuder - to strip.
dépanner - to repair e.g. car, machinery.
dépenser - to spend (money).
dépeupler - to depopulate.
dépiler - to depilate.
déplorer - to deplore.
déplumer - to pluck.
dépraver - to deprave.
dépurer - to purify.
déraciner - to uproot.
déraper - to skid.
désactiver - to deactivate.
désajuster - to unadjust.
désapprouver - to disapprove.
désarmer - to disarm.
désassembler - to dismantle.
désavouer - to disown.
désembuer - to demist.
déséquilibrer - to unbalance.
déserter - to desert.
déshabiller - to undress.
désherber - to weed.
déshériter - to disinherit.
déshumaniser - to dehumanize.
déshydrater - to dehydrate.
désincruster - to descale e.g. to scrub.
désinfecter - to disinfect.
désintoxiquer - to detoxicate.
désirer - to want.
désodoriser - to deodorize.
désoler - to distress.
désorganiser - to disorganize.
désosser - to bone.
désoxyder - to deoxidize.
desserrer - to loosen.
dessiner - to draw.
dessouder - to unsolder.
destituer - to discharge.
déstructurer - to disorganise.
détartrer - to descale e.g. decalcify limescale, also teeth.
détecter - to detect.
déterrer - to unearth.
détester - to hate.
détremper - to soak (with water).
détrôner - to dethrone.


échouer - to fail.
éclipser - to eclipse.
économiser - to save (economise).
écourter - to shorten.
écouter - to listen.
écrabouiller - to squash (animal).
éduquer - to educate.
égaler - to equal.
égratigner - to scratch.
éjaculer - to ejaculate.
éjecter - to eject.
électrocuter - to electrocute.
éliminer - to eliminate.
émanciper - to emancipate.
embobiner - to hoodwink.
émigrer - to emigrate.
emmurer - to immure.
empaler - to impale.
empêcher - to prevent.
emplumer - to feather.
empocher - to pocket.
empoigner - to grasp.
emporter - to carry away.
emprisonner - to imprison.
emprunter - to borrow.
encastrer - to embed.
encercler - to encircle.
enchevêtrer - to tangle.
encrer - to ink.
endoctriner - to indoctrinate.
enfariner - to flour.
enfourcher - to mount.
englober - to include.
enivrer - to intoxicate.
enjoliver - to embellish.
enquêter - to investigate.
enregistrer - to record e.g. record a CD; also to check-in baggage .
enrober - to coat e.g. coat with sauce (cooking).
enseigner - to teach.
entartrer - to scale.
enthousiasmer - to enthuse.
entraver - to hinder.
entremêler - to intermingle.
entreposer - to store.
entrer - to enter.
envenimer - to poison.
environner - to surround.
envoûter - to bewitch.
épater - to amaze.
éplucher - to peel.
épouser - to marry.
épuiser - to exhaust.
équilibrer - to balance.
équivoquer - to quibble.
éroder - to erode.
escalader - to climb (to scale e.g. a wall).
escorter - to escort.
escroquer - to swindle.
espionner - to spy.
éternuer - to sneeze.
étonner - to stun.
évader - to shirk.
évaluer - to evaluate.
évaporer - to evaporate.
éveiller - to awaken.
évoluer - to evolve.
évoquer - to evoke.
exacerber - to exacerbate.
exceller - to excel.
excepter - to except.
exister - to exist.
exorciser - to exorcize.
expérimenter - to test.
expertiser - to value.
expliquer - to explain.
explorer - to explore.
exploser - to explode.
exporter - to export.
exterminer - to exterminate.
extorquer - to extort.
extrapoler - to extrapolate.

F - Tables of French Verbs starting with F

façonner - to shape, manufacture, fashion.
fantasmer - to fantasise.
fasciner - to fascinate.
fauter - to sin.
favoriser - to favour.
feinter - to feint.
féliciter - to congratulate.
féminiser - to feminize.
fermenter - to ferment.
fermer - to close.
fertiliser - to fertilize.
fesser - to spank.
fêter - to celebrate.
filmer - to film.
filtrer - to filter.
fixer - to fix.
flageller - to flog.
flairer - to sniff.
flasher - to fall in love with.
flatter - to flatter.
flipper - to flip, freak out.
flirter - to flirt.
fluctuer - to fluctuate.
focaliser - to focus.
foisonner - to abound.
forer - to drill.
formaliser - to take offence.
formuler - to formulate.
fossiliser - to fossilize.
fouetter - to whip, flog.
fouler - to press (ie.grapes).
franciser - to Frenchify.
frapper - to hit.
frauder - to defraud.
fredonner - to hum.
freiner - to brake.
frimer - to pretend.
frotter - to rub.
frustrer - to frustrate.
fuguer - to abscond.
fumer - to smoke.
fusiller - to shoot e.g. with a gun.
fusionner - to merge.

G - Learn French verbs from the listing of conjugated verbs beginning with G

gaffer - to blunder.
gagner - to win.
galber - to curve.
galoper - to gallop.
gambader - to gambol, caper about.
ganter - to glove.
garer - to park e.g. a car.
gargouiller - to gurgle e.g. stomach.
gaver - to force-feed.
gêner - to embarrass.
généraliser - to generalize.
gesticuler - to gesticulate.
gicler - to spurt.
gifler - to slap.
givrer - to frost.
glisser - to slide.
globaliser - to globalize.
glousser - to chuckle.
goudronner - to tar.
goutter - to drip.
graver - to engrave.
graviter - to gravitate.
grelotter - to shiver.
gribouiller - to scribble.
griffonner - to scribble (scrawl).
grimper - to climb (e.g. a rope, a tree).
grouper - to group.
gueuler - to bawl.
guider - to guide.
guillotiner - to guillotine.


habiliter - to authorise.
habiller - to dress.
habiter - to live in.
habituer - to get used to.
hachurer - to hatch.
halluciner - to hallucinate.
handicaper - to handicap.
hanter - to haunt.
herboriser - to botanize.
hériter - to inherit.
hiberner - to hibernate.
hisser - to hoist.
hiverner - to winter.
hocher - to nod.
homogénéiser - to homogenize.
hospitaliser - to hospitalize.
hululer - to hoot.
humaniser - to humanize.
hurler - to scream.
hydrater - to hydrate.
hypnotiser - to hypnotize.


Listing of fully conjugated French verbs beginning with the letter I.
idéaliser - to idealize.
idolâtrer - to idolize.
ignorer - to not know.
illusionner - to delude.
illustrer - to illustrate.
imaginer - to imagine.
imiter - to imitate.
immatriculer - to register e.g. car.
immigrer - to immigrate.
immobiliser - to immobilize.
immortaliser - to immortalize.
immuniser - to immunize.
imperméabiliser - to waterproof.
implorer - to implore.
imploser - to implode.
impressionner - to impress.
improviser - to improvise.
impulser - to impulse.
inaugurer - to inaugurate.
inciser - to incise.
incorporer - to integrate.
incruster - to inlay.
inculper - to charge.
indemniser - to indemnify.
indiquer - to point out.
individualiser - to individualize.
industrialiser - to industrialize.
infester - to infest.
infiltrer - to infiltrate.
informatiser - to computerize.
informer - to inform.
infuser - to infuse.
inhaler - to inhale.
inhiber - to inhibit.
inhumer - to inter.
initialiser - to initialize.
injecter - to inject.
innover - to innovate.
inséminer - to inseminate.
insister - to insist.
insonoriser - to soundproof.
inspecter - to inspect.
instaurer - to institute.
institutionnaliser - to institutionalize.
instrumenter - to orchestrate.
insuffler - to inspire.
insulter - to insult.
intellectualiser - to intellectualize.
intercaler - to insert.
intercepter - to intercept.
intérioriser - to internalize.
interligner - to interline.
internationaliser - to internationalize.
interner - to intern.
interposer - to interpose.
interviewer - to interview.
intimider - to intimidate.
intriguer - to intrigue.
introniser - to enthrone.
invalider - to invalidate.
inventer - to invent.
inviter - to invite.
invoquer - to invoke.
irriguer - to irrigate.
islamiser - to islamize.


jardiner - to garden.
jeûner - to fast.
jongler - to juggle.
jouer - to play.
jubiler - to jubilate.
juxtaposer - to juxtapose.

K - Conjugated French verbs beginning with K

This French verbs list is free. Use it daily and recite the conjugated verbs aloud, two, three, four times or more.
kidnapper - to kidnap.


labourer - to plough.
laisser - to leave.
laminer - to laminate.
lapider - to stone.
lasser - to weary.
laver - to wash.
légaliser - to legalize.
libéraliser - to liberalize.
ligaturer - to bind.
liguer - to unite.
limiter - to limit.
lisser - to smooth.
lister - to list.
livrer - to deliver.
lyncher - to lynch.

M - French Verbs List of conjugated verbs beginning with the letter M

maçonner - to build.
magnétiser - to magnetize.
majorer - to increase e.g. a fine.
malaxer - to knead.
maltraiter - to ill-treat.
mandater - to commission.
manipuler - to manipulate.
manœuvrer - to manœuvre.
manquer - to lack.
manufacturer - to manufacture.
manutentionner - to handle.
marcher - to walk.
mariner - to marinate.
masquer - to hide e.g. light, landscape.
massacrer - to massacre.
masturber - to masturbate.
mâter - to mast.
materner - to mother.
matriculer - to register.
maximaliser - to maximize.
mécaniser - to mechanize.
mécontenter - to dissatisfy.
médiatiser - to mediatize.
mémoriser - to memorize.
mentionner - to mention.
mériter - to deserve.
mesurer - to measure.
métalliser - to plate.
métamorphoser - to metamorphose.
meugler - to moo.
miauler - to mew.
moissonner - to harvest.

P - List of French verb conjugations, verbs beginning with the letter P

The best way to get the most out of the French verb tables in this French verbs list is to do them daily, repeating them aloud ten times. You can even write down the lists to consolidate that knowledge. Do this for a month and the patterns will fast become second nature to you.
paniquer - to panic.
papoter - to gossip.
parachuter - to parachute.
paraphraser - to paraphrase.
pardonner - to forgive.
parler - to talk.
parrainer - to sponsor.
passer - to spend (time).
pasteuriser - to pasteurize.
patiner - to skate.
patrouiller - to patrol.
paver - to pave.
peaufiner - to perfect.
pédaler - to pedal.
pénaliser - to penalize.
penser - to think.
percher - to perch.
percuter - to strike.
perforer - to perforate.
perpétuer - to perpetuate.
perquisitionner - to search.
persécuter - to persecute.
personnaliser - to personalize.
perturber - to perturb.
pétiller - to crackle.
philosopher - to philosophize.
pianoter - to strum.
picorer - to peck.
piétiner - to trample.
pigeonner - to dupe.
pigmenter - to pigment.
piller - to pillage.
pique-niquer - to picnic.
piquer - to sting.
pirater - to pirate.
pisser - to pee.
pister - to track.
plaider - to plead.
plaisanter - to joke.
plâtrer - to plaster.
pleurer - to cry.
pleurnicher - to snivel.
poignarder - to stab.
pointiller - to dot.
poivrer - to pepper.
polluer - to pollute, foul.
pomper - to pump.
porter - to carry (by person).
poser - to ask a question.
positionner - to position.
poster - to post (guard).
poudrer - to powder.
pousser - to push.
prêcher - to preach.
prédestiner - to predestinate.
prédéterminer - to predetermine.
prédisposer - to predispose.
préexister - to pre-exist.
préméditer - to premeditate.
préoccuper - to preoccupy.
présenter - to introduce.
pressuriser - to pressurize.
présumer - to presume.
présupposer - to presuppose.
prêter - to lead.
prétexter - to pretext.
privatiser - to privatize.
proclamer - to proclaim.
profaner - to profane.
profiter - to benefit.
programmer - to programme.
prohiber - to prohibit.
prôner - to extol.
pronostiquer - to forecast.
prophétiser - to prophesy.
proportionner - to proportion.
proposer - to suggest.
propulser - to propel.
prospecter - to prospect.
prostituer - to prostitute.
protester - to protest.
prouver - to prove.
puer - to stink.
pulvériser - to grind.


questionner - to question.
quitter - to leave e.g. leave a country.

R - List of Conjugations of French verbs beginning with R

raccommoder - to mend.
raconter - to tell.
radiodiffuser - to broadcast.
raffiner - to refine.
raffoler - to adore.
ramasser - to pick up (from floor).
râper - to grate.
rassurer - to i.e. restore confidence.
rationaliser - to rationalize.
ratisser - to rake.
raviver - to revive e.g. restore a fire.
rayonner - to radiate.
réabsorber - to reabsorb.
réactiver - to reactivate.
réadapter - to readjust.
réaffirmer - to reaffirm.
réanimer - to revive e.g. a market.
récapituler - to recapitulate.
réciter - to recite.
reclasser - to reclassify.
recoller - to restick.
recommander - to recommend.
récompenser - to reward.
recomposer - to recompose.
recompter - to recount.
recondamner - to recondemn.
réconforter - to comfort.
reconnecter - to reconnect.
reconsolider - to reconsolidate.
reconstituer - to reconstitute.
recroiser - to recross.
recruter - to recruit.
récurer - to scour.
recycler - to recycle.
redistribuer - to re-distribute.
redorer - to regild.
redouter - to fear.
rééditer - to republish.
rééduquer - to re-educate.
réembaucher - to re-engage.
rééquilibrer - to rebalance.
réévaluer - to revalue.
réexaminer - to reexamine.
réexporter - to re-export.
refaçonner - to refashion.
reformer - to re-shape.
reformuler - to reformulate.
réprimander - to reprimand.

T - Listing of Verbs in French Conjugated - those beginning with T

travailler - to work e.g. job.
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At first you may find the going a little tough, but after a week to ten days you will get faster and faster at each conjugation. Keep this up daily for a month or longer and your knowledge of the conjgations of the verbs in this French verbs list will soon become second nature, and be deeply embedded in to the subconscious.
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