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French proverb of the day
You can get a free proverb of the day for your website .Just check it out!

Improve your french in listening to French radios on line
Choose and listen to best and most popular french radios stations on line for free.

Improve your French by watching movies
Choose from Germain Tottet's selection of 10 great French movies to watch.

Learn happy birthday in French
More on the happy birthday song in French !

Learn more about French cuisine
Read about the most famous French dishes!

Learn about French wines and how to store your wine.
Discover all the French Grapes varieties with all caracteristics.

Learn the different colours in French.
Discover all the French colors and learn how to use them in a phrase.

Learn most common greetings and expressions in French.
More French greetings here !

The Histories of French Speaking countries
We've been busy loading up pages and pages of info on the histories of French speaking countries.... and learning a lot while doing so!

Flags of French Speaking countries
All the flags of Francophone nations are here, with images. Most now have comprehensive narratives available on their flags' histories.

Facts and stats on French Speaking countries
We've loaded up the stats and facts on the French speaking countries. GDP's, overview of the geography, climate, economy...

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  • Online free French dictionary.

  • French Translator - free online French Translator.

  • What Learn French software is decent.

  • Good Learning French websites.

  • Lists of French language schools, for total immersion learning.

  • French word of the day.

  • Common mistakes when you learn to speak French.

  • Dozens of other things to help you, the person studying French, no matter what level.

  • Plus loads of information on French speaking countries.

  • Statistics, information, and fun facts on the French speaking countries

  • Why are there so many French speaking countries? What are they?

  • Check out the flags of the Francophone nations...

  • ... and the maps of the Francophone countries.

  • Listen french radios and improve your French !!
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Learn French BLOG
Tips and quips for learning French. Regular clips, shortcuts, vocabulary, grammar, expressions, proverbs, tricks, sayings, verbs, sentences, lessons. New, fully conjugated verbs added regularly.
French Grammar lessons
Free French Grammar lessons, help and information for learning to speak French. Thousands of verbs in all forms in easy to use tables.
Speak in French
Discover how to Speak in French
To love in French is aimer
I love you in French is "je t'aime" from the Verb aimer - to love in French. Learn this pattern and you will be able to use the pattern with thousands of other regular verbs that end in ER.
French History and Politics
Discover the French History and Politics
French Culture
Discover here the French Culture
Living in France
Discover Living in France
French Gastronomy
Discover the several aspects of the French Gastronomy
French Media
Here French Media: radios, phone, newspapers...
French Education and Work
Discover the differents French Education and Work
About us
About us. The team at learn-french-help.com. Putting together articles, information and resources for the learner of the French language.
Contact Us - Learn French Help www.learn-french-help.com
Contact Us - Learn French Help www.learn-french-help.com
Help French - Site map for all your learning French needs
Help French ! All the help you need is here for learning French. Learn French help site is a ressource site for the student of French. Check the sitemap with hundreds of free resources, lessons, links
Learn French links. Great links for learning French.
Learn French. Check the links for students of French, in France and courses for home learning.
Flags of French Speaking Countries
Flags of French speaking countries. Pictures, descriptions, histories, details, facts & figures about the flags of the world's Francophone nations. Packed with info and stats. Help yourself free info
Verb in French for loathe is abominer
Today's word is the word in French for loathe (to loathe) is <i>abominer</i>. Learn the French verb <i>abominer</i> and its conjugations. Read each one aloud, and repeat them - from simple to compound
The French for jabber (to jabber) - baragouiner. Learn the verb
Today's word is the verb in French for jabber (to jabber), which is <i>baragouiner</i>. A regular ER verb it's conjugated like most others. Learn the French verb baragouiner and its conjugations.
French for kiss (to kiss) is the verb - biser. Conjugated in all tenses!
Today's word is the verb in French for kiss (to kiss) which is biser. As a regular verb, if you learn biser and its conjugations you can use the patterns for all regular ER verbs.
Uncommon French Tenses - not used much in modern language, but useful to know
There a number of uncommon French tenses that are not used much at all in modern conversation. Of little interest to most learners who simply want to converse in French with real, live people, TV etc
French Verb Patterns used in Conjugating
Today's free French lesson looks at verb conjugation. French verb patterns. Verbs in French have one of 3 endings, ER, IR, RE. Most common are the regular ER verbs. The pattern is used for thousands.
French Verbs List - check out the list of fully conjugated French Verbs online
Loads of fully conjugated French verbs with their English translations. Check our French Verbs List.
The Verb in French for abdicate (to abdicate) - abdiquer
Today's verb is the French for abdicate (to abdicate) which is <i>abdiquer</i>. A regular ER verb pattern. I abdicate, I abdicated, I will abdicate, I may abdicate, I have abdicated, I had abdicated
French for stress (to stress), to accentuate is ‘accentuer’. Conjugated fully.
Today’s verb is the French for stress which is <i>accentuer</i>. Simple and compound verbs. A regular ER verb pattern. I stress, I stressed, I will stress, I may stress, I have stressed, I'd stressed
French for acclimatize is the verb ‘acclimater’, fully conjugated here.
Today’s verb is the French for acclimatize which is - acclimater. Simple and compound verbs. A regular ER verb pattern. I acclimatize, I acclimatized, I will acclimatize, I may acclimatize,etc
The Verb in French for accompany (to accompany) – ‘accompagner’
Today’s verb is the French for accompany which is accompagner. A regular ER verb pattern. I accompany, you accompanied, he will accompany, we may accompany, they have etc
French for admire (to admire) - 'admirer' a regular ER verb conjugated here
Our verb of the day.French for admire which is admirer. Almost like the English. Simple and compound verbs. A regular ER verb pattern. I admire, I admired, I will admire, I may admire, I have admired
French for sharpen is the verb 'affiler'
Today's verb is the French for sharpen which is affiler. Simple and compound verbs. A regular ER verb pattern. I sharpen, I sharpened, I will sharpen, I may sharpen, I have sharpened, I had sharpened
French for internalize is the verb ‘intérioriser’ etc
Verb of the day is the French for internalize which is intérioriser. Simple and compound verbs. Blitz all the tenses.. I internalize, I internalized, you will internalize, he may internalize, etc
French for murder, pester is the verb ‘assassiner’ – Free Lesson
Knowing the endings is the key to learning French verbs. The ER verb in French for murder, pester which is assassiner.I murder, pester, I murdered, you will murder, pester, he may murder, pester, etc
French for buzz, hum is the verb ‘bourdonner’
The trick to learning verbs is mastering the patterns. The most common is for ER regulars. Here's another - the French for buzz, hum which is bourdonner. Simple and compound verbs.
French Verb of the Day Fully Conjugated in all the Tenses
A new French Verb of the Day appears on this page every day. In a colour coded easy to use table. Learn all the tenses, You can even add them to your own French learning website. Do them daily!

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