Find bilingual jobs with your skills in French !

Looking for Bilingual Jobs in France or Abroad? Maybe you've always desired a job abroad, particulary in France or another francophone country, but maybe you always struggled with researching job opportunities on the Internet.

Here are some tips and links for you to find and get the perfect multilingual jobs in France or Abroad, as well as tips and advice to find a job using your French Language skills.

There are many ways to find bilingual jobs! First of all, you should know that 68% of French recruitment is made through unsolicited applications, and through relationships forged in the workplace. So don't wait for companies to advertise. Select companies that interest you, then send them your resume. Be prepared for setbacks but the more the numbers of companies that you try, the greater are your chances of success.

The second most common way to find a job is by applying for vacancies advertised in newspaper job advertisments. You may wish to check out French newspapers online and can check them out here.

41% of french companies using needing multi-lingual skills work closely with recruitment agencies to find the real appropriate candidate for these multilingual jobs. You can find a brief list of French recruitment agencies above this page.

To conclude you shouldn't only send your resume to recruitment agencies you must use all the ways possible to find bilingual jobs and also don't ignore internet.

Click here to know how to write a useful resume

Who decides in the French Recruitment process ? Generally, the person in charge of recruitment in a French company is called Responsable des ressources humaines (Recruitment Manager) or Responsable du recrutement.

However, these person receive around 30 applications a day so most of your application will finish in the trash!

The most clever idea is to send directly your application to the person in charge of a department or a service(like head of commercial department) because they are aware about the recruitment needs and may be more interested in receiving your application.

To apply directly to the head of department, you should call before the company and try to get information like the exact name and direct address of the person in charge of recruitment.

You should better know that you will have only 5% of return on your applications.

Use your network to find bilingual jobs !

You should always keep in mind that your friends may be a foot bridge for you to find billingual jobs.

Friends can also support your application and help you to break into the barrier of recruitment!

You should use your friends network and always refer to your job search when you meet people!

Don't neglect Internet when searching for those multilingual jobs!

The internet has hundreds of sites dedicated to job offers or on-line job application.

Lots of people search jobs on general recruitment website so you will have to face a huge competition to submit your application.

The best techniques for you to increase your chance is to combine both operating modes (general recruitment website and specialised website).

When you send your CV by mail, be sure that you shouldn't enclosed your qualification in the body copy of the e-mail, you'd better to attach it in word format.

The best format for your CV will be .RTF because it can be read worlwide on every platforms and the size of the folder will be smaller.

The best websites to find bilingual jobs

Bilingual Jobs and opportunities for language teachers

Bilingual Jobs and opportunities for Language Teachers!

Jobs for interpreters :

Job opportunities for Interpreters!

Job opportunities for Translators:
Job opportunities for Translators!

Opportunities in all sectors:

French selection UK is one of the specialist in the recruitment of french speaking professionals throughout the United kingdom.

Accent jobs is a recruitment agency specialising in helping bilingual people find jobs in USA.

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Bilingual Jobs in France and Abroad
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