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brown (chestnut)...adj.châtain

clear, light (color)...adj.clair

color...la couleur (f.)

dark (color)...adj.foncé



light blue...adj.bleu ciel


orange (color)...adj.orange







Learning colors in French is an important part of the vocabulary building process.

In French, how do we use the colors, both in speech and in writing?

In French, when a color is used as an adjective it comes after the noun.

So while an English speaker would say:

a red apple

a French speaker would say:

an apple red= Une pomme rouge (f.)

More examples of colors in french and the agreement of adjective and nouns:

- a yellow glass = un verre jaune (m.)
- a grey pencil = un crayon gris (m.)
- a blue fish = un poisson bleu (m.)

Color and Gender

The spelling of French colors change to match the noun that is modified. Accommodating Masculine, and Feminine nouns in both their singular and plural forms.

For instance we’ve learned that green in French is vert, now let’s apply it to the french word for leaf – la feuille (f.):

So, "the green leaf" in French is la feuille verte

The adjective "vert" changes its spelling to "verte" because the noun it modifies is both feminine and singular.

-The green board in French is le tableau vert (m.)

The word “board” in French is masculine and singular.

Plurality and Color

Likewise, the green leaves in French are les feuilles vertes (f.)

In this case, the plural of "feuille" is "feuilles". The adjective “green” must agree with the noun’s plurality, just as it agrees with the noun’s gender.

So you can see that when you start to understand French colors and how they are expressed, you begin to understand how adjectives work with nouns in the language.

You can more effectively learn French vocabulary by using up-to-date accelerated learning techniques which make it possible to learn french colors and other vocabulary at a rate of 200 words a day- or more.

You have learned some colors in French!
Now let's move on to some more French lessons.

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