French Accommodation

Finding a French Accommodation or a property in France is not an easy job!

You may be subjected to relocate in France although you are quite struggled with your French.

We will provide you with some advices to help you to afford this complicated task:

First, in order to find a place to live you've got several ways to follow: the best techniques for finding a property or an accommodation in France is to pass thought Properties agencies.

Most of Properties agents take a high margin percentage on sales and renting so it might be more interesting for you to concentrate on newspaper ‘s classified ads.

Most of French Accommodation ads are written with a lot of abbreviations and idiomatic expressions because it’s cheaper for the writers.

You will need a guide to afford this entire staff.

We will provide you with some examples of different French Accommodation ads with some translations and also a vocabulary list to afford this complicated French dialect.

French classified ads for sales

Properties and French Accommodation ads / Some examples

Vds mais. F5, 120m2 env., cuis.équip., 3ch., 2sdb, gar., terr.clos, exclus. FNAIM. Tél.

* Translation of this classified ad in Right French:

Vends maison, F5, 120m2 environ, cuisine équipée, 3 Chambres, 2 Salles de bain, garage, terrain clos, exclusivité FNAIM, téléphone :

* Translation of this classified ad in English:

Selling a 3 bedrooms property, 120m2, 2 bathrooms, garage, private enclosed garden, exclusively available at FNAIM agency, Phone number:

Urgt vds cse mutation F2 ds résid. stand., tt cft, prest.lux., t.b.état, ch.c. fuel, px à déb., libre 1/07 Tél.

* Translation of this classified ad in Right French:

Urgent cause mutation, F2 dans résidence de haut standing, tout confort, prestation de luxe, très bon état, chauffage central au fuel, prix a débattre, libre á partir du 1/07 téléphone :

* Translation of this classified ad in English:

Urgent because of relocation, 2bedroom apartment, high standing, luxury service, excellent condition, fuel central heating, negotiable price, available from 1/07 phone number:

Learn the most common abbreviation to find an French Accommodation

French abrieviation French translation English translation
à rénov. (à rénover) needs renovation.
à vdre (à vendre) for sale.
ch. (chambre, fem.) bedroom.
ch.c. (chauffage central, masc.) central heating.
cse mutation/décès (pour cause de mutation, fem./décès, masc.)because of job transfer.
cuis.équip. (cuisine équipée, fem.) fully fitted kitchen.
dépend. (dépendances, fem.)outbuildings.
ds (dans) in.
écr. (écrire à) write to.
env. (environ) about
étgs (étages, masc.) Second floor.
excel.ét. (excellent état, masc.) in excellent condition.
except. (exceptionnel) exceptional.
exclus. (exclusivité, fem.) exclusive.
F4 (appartement, masc., quatre pièces, fem.) 3-bedroom apartment.
gar. (garage, masc.) garage.
ha (hectare) (hectare)
HR (heure, fem., des repas, masc.) at meal times (from 12h to 14h, and 19h to 21h).
imméd. (immédiatement) available immediately.
indiv. (individuel) individual.
jard.privat. (jardin, masc., privatif) private garden.
jrnl (journal, masc.) newspaper.
kitch.équip. (kitchenette équipée, fem.) fully fitted kitchenette.
ll (lave-linge, masc.) washing machine.
lv (lave-vaisselle, masc.) dishwasher.
m2 (mètres carrés, masc.) square metres.
mais. (maison, fem.) house.
mais.gard. (maison, fem. de gardien, masc.) keeper’s house.
mezz. (mezzanine, fem.) mezzanine floor.
not. (notaire, masc.) notary public.
nrd (nord, masc.) North.
p. (pièce, fem.) room.
p (pour) for.
park. (parking, masc.) parking space.
part. (particulier, masc.) private individual.
pers. (personnes, fem.) people.
poss.chasse (possibilité, fem., de chasser) hunting opportunity.
prest.lux. (prestations luxueuses, fem.) luxurious services.
prox. (à proximité, fem., de) near.
px à deb. (prix, masc., à débattre) price negotiable.
px inter. (prix intéressant, masc.) interesting low price.
quart. (quartier, masc.) area.
réf. (référence, fem.) number of reference.
résid. (résidence, fem.) blocks of flats.
s’adres. (s’adresser à) contact.
sdb (salle de bains, fem.) bathroom.
stand. (de bon standing, masc.) luxurious, comfortable.
t.b.état (très bon état, masc.) in very good condition.
terr.arb (terrain arboré, masc.) land planted with trees.
terr.av.arb. (terrain, masc., avec arbres, masc.) land planted with trees.
terr.clos (terrain clos, masc.) fenced plot.
tt cft (tout confort, masc.) with all modern conveniences.
urgt (urgent) urgent.
vds/vd (vends) I am selling.
XV° (quinzième siècle, masc.) fifteen century.

French classified ads for rent

Part. loue ch.meublée pour étudiant ds tb villa, quart.univ., av.douche, poss.cuis., prise té TV, calme, libre 15 sept., 300€ cc.

* Translation of the classified ad in correct French:

Particulier loue chambre meublée pour étudiant dans très belle villa, quartier universitaire, avec douche et possibilité de cuisine, prise téléphonique et télévision, calme libre á partir du 15 septembre, 300euros charges comprises.

*Translation of this French classified ad in English:

Private let, Furnished room for student in a beautiful villa, student area, with shower and possibility of cuisine, phone plug and TV, quiet and available from 15 September, 300euros all included.

Loue mais.bourg., 10p., récept.55m2, ch.c. gaz, quartier résid., gar., cave, jard., 1 500 € mens. cc. Tél. hor.bur.

* Translation of this classified ad in Right French:

Loue maison bourgeoise, 10 pièces, réception de 55 m2, chambres chauffées au gaz, quartier résidentiel, garage, jardin, 1500 Euros par mois, charges comprises. Téléphone pendant les heures de bureaux.

* Translation of the classified ad in English:

For rent, Wealthy house, 10 rooms, large lounge of 55m2,Gaz central heating in all the rooms, residential area, garage, garden, 1500 euros/ month all bills included. Phone number: during work time.

Learn the most common abbreviations to rent an French Accommodation

French abbreviations French translation English translation
ag.s’abst. (agences, fem., s’abstenir) no agencies
appart. (appartement, masc.) apartment, flat.
av. (avec) with
b.état (bon état, masc.) good conditions
balc. (balcon, masc.) balcony
cadre sup. (cadre supérieur, masc.) executive
cc (charges comprises, fem.) all included
ch.loc. . (cherche location, fem.) look for an accommodation Sté . (directeur, masc. de société, fem.) company director
esp. verts . (espaces verts, masc.) green space like garden or park
expo.sud . (exposé au sud) South facing
F3 (3 pièces principales, fem.) bedroom flat.
hor.bur. (horaire, masc., de bureau, masc.) office hours (from 8h to 12h and 14h to 17h).
Hte Saône (département de la Haute Saône) French department (administrative district).
Jard. (jardin, masc.) garden.
lib. (libre) free from a certain date.
mais.bourg. (maison bourgeoise, fem.) wealthy house. . (maison de campagne, fem.) country house.
mais.indiv. (maison individuelle, fem.) detached house.
max. (maximum) maximum.
mens. (mensuel) monthly.
p. (pièce, fem.) room.
park. (parking, masc.) parking space.
part.à part. (particulier à particulier, masc.) private let.
poss.cuis. (possibilité, fem., de faire la cuisine, fem.) cooking facilities.
quart.résid. (quartier résidentiel, masc.) residential area.
quart.univ. (quartier universitaire, masc.) university area.
quinz. (quinzaine, fem.) fortnight.
récept. (réception, fem.) living room.
rech. (recherche) look for.
sem. (semaine, fem.) weekly.
tb : (très beau/belle) nice.

You've got all the keys to find an French Accommodation now !
Learn more about French cuisine before your trip !

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