The French Back Slang

A new modern dialect has emerged from French Language !

Although it's not the French traditionnal language you must be familiar with this new way of speaking:

We will show you a brief review of the French back slang vocabulary.

The French people in particular young people, like modifying the common words to enjoy itself and be more fashion.

A popular play on words is the BACK SLANG, which consists in saying the syllables of the words back to front, a little as the piglatin in English.

For example, "to eat" which is “Manger” in French becomes " géman ", "firecracker" which is “Pétard” in French becomes " tarpé ", etc.

We would try to explain few words of this traditional dialect !!

For example:

"Un policier" will be"Un flic" in slang french tongue. Gendarme

So the Back slang word for "policier" will be un keuf

Why? flic = fli + que
verlan = que + fli
-li dropped

So If we translate back slang to English it would be :

A "policeman" will be a "cop" in slang English.

So the back slang word for "policeman" could have been "a POC"

Some French Back slang Word:

A man / Un homme /Un mec / Un keum

A woman / Une femme / Une Gonzesse /Une meuf

Naked / Nu / A poil / Aoilpé

A car / Une voiture / Une bagnolle /Une gnolba

A joint /Une cigarette de cannabis/Un petard/ Un tarpé

A disc / Un disque /Un skeud

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French Back Slang
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