The French for armour-plate is the verb blinder

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    French for armour-plate is the regular ER verb blinder
    which means to armour-plate a vehicle or to put security fittings on, viewed thoroughly here in the main French tenses, past, present, future, conditional and subjunctives.


    By far the best way to learn and remember verbs such as the French for armour-plate - blinder the use of techniques to jog your memory are particularly powerful. The best are ones like the word-association pictures that link the item being remembered to a silly scene that you can memorize.

    So, if you want to know how to say armour-plate in French, how to express the verb in all the main tenses, here it is.

    The 6 Simple Tenses of the conjugated verb blinder - French for armour-plate

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    Here you’ll learn the conjugations of blinder, which is French for armour-plate.
    • I armour-plate.
    • you armour-plated.
    • he will armour-plate.
    • we would armour-plate.
    • they may armour-plate.

    The Verb Conjugation Tables below for blinder, enable you to practise your French verb drills both by PRONOUN (vertically), and by TENSE (horizontally). Try this process four or five times a day for a week to consolidate the learning. Remember to come back to the tables after another week, month, 3 months etc to review what you have learnt.
    Simple Tenses blinder

    blinde blindes blinde blindons blindez blindent
    Past Imperfect
    blindais blindais blindait blindions blindiez blindaient
    Simple Past
    Passé Simple

    blindai blindas blinda blindâmes blindâtes blindèrent

    will armour-plate
    blinderai blinderas blindera blinderons blinderez blinderont

    would armour-plate
    blinderais blinderais blinderait blinderions blinderiez blinderaient

    may armour-plate
    blinde blindes blinde blindions blindiez blindent
    Compound Tenses blinder
    Present Perfect
    Passé Composé

    have armour-plated
    ai blindé as blindé a blindé avons blindé avez blindé ont blindé
    Past Perfect

    had armour-plated
    avais blindé avais blindé avait blindé avions blindé aviez blindé avaient blindé
    Future Perfect
    Futur Antérieur

    will have
    aurai blindé auras blindé aura blindé aurons blindé aurez blindé auront blindé
    Conditional Perfect
    Conditionnel Passé

    would have armour-plated
    aurais blindé aurais blindé aurait blindé aurions blindé auriez blindé auraient blindé

    blinde blindons blindez

    Present Indicative présent de l’indicatif

    je blinde
    - I armour-plate
    tu blindes
    - you armour-plate - (familiar or informal)
    il, elle, on blinde
    - he, she, it, one armour-plates
    nous blindons
    - we armour-plate
    vous blindez
    - you armour-plate (formal or plural)
    ils, elles blindent
    - they armour-plate

    Imperfect Indicative imparfait de l’indicatif

    je blindais
    - I armour-plated
    - I was armour-plating
    tu blindais
    - you armour-plated- (familiar or informal)
    - you were armour-plating
    il, elle, on blindait
    - he, she, it, one armour-plated
    - he, she, it, one was armour-plating
    nous blindions
    - we armour-plated
    - we were armour-plating
    vous blindiez
    - you armour-plated- (formal or plural)
    - you were armour-plating
    ils, elles blindaient
    - they armour-plated
    - they were armour-plating

    Simple Past or Past Definite Tense conjugations of blinder, the French for armour-plate
    passé simple

    je blindai
    - I armour-plated
    tu blindas
    - you armour-plated- (familiar or informal)
    il, elle, on blinda
    - he, she, it, one armour-plated
    nous blindâmes
    - we armour-plated
    vous blindâtes
    - you armour-plated- (formal or plural)
    ils, elles blindèrent
    they armour-plated
    (The passé simple tense is mainly used in literature and books, and is rarely used in spoken French language).

    Future Tense conjugations of blinder, the French for armour-plate

    je blinderai
    - I will armour-plate
    tu blinderas
    - you will armour-plate (familiar or informal)
    il, elle, on blindera
    - he, she, it, one will armour-plate
    nous blinderons
    - we will armour-plate
    vous blinderez
    - you will armour-plate (formal or plural)
    ils, elles blinderont
    - they will armour-plate

    Conditional conditionnel

    je blinderais
    - I would armour-plate
    tu blinderais
    - you would armour-plate (familiar or informal)
    il, elle, on blinderait
    - he, she, it, one would armour-plate
    nous blinderions
    - we would armour-plate
    vous blinderiez
    - you would armour-plate (formal or plural)
    ils, elles blinderaient
    - they would armour-plate

    Present Subjunctive Tense conjugations of blinder, the French for armour-plate
    présent de subjonctif

    que je blinde
    - that I may armour-plate
    que tu blindes
    - that you may armour-plate(familiar or informal)
    qu’il, qu’elle, qu’on blinde
    - that he, she, it, one may armour-plate
    que nous blindions
    - that we may armour-plate
    que vous blindiez
    - that you may armour-plate(formal or plural)
    qu’ils, qu’elles blindent
    - that they may armour-plate

    The Four Compound Tenses of the French for verb blinder - the verb ‘to armour-plate’ in French

    Past Participle of blinder is:
    blindé -armour-plated.

    • I have armour-plated
    • you had armour-plated
    • he will have armour-plated
    • we would have armour-plated

    Compound Past, Present Perfect or Past Indefinite Tense conjugations of blinder - French for armour-plate
    passé composé

    Here’s the French for armour-plate conjugated with all the pronouns in the present perfect tense.
    j’ai blindé
    - I have armour-plated or I did armour-plate or
    - I armour-plated
    tu as blindé
    - you have armour-plated or you did armour-plate - (familiar or informal) or
    - you armour-plated
    il, elle, on a blindé
    - he, she, it, one has armour-plate or did armour-plate
    - he, she, it armour-plated
    nous avons blindé
    - we have armour-plated or we did armour-plate
    - we armour-plated
    vous avez blindé
    - you have armour-plated or you did armour-plate (formal or plural) or
    - or we armour-plated
    ils, elles ont blindé
    - they have armour-plated or they did armour-plate
    - they armour-plated

    Past Perfect Indicative or Pluperfect Tense conjugations of blinder - armour-plate in French
    plus-que-parfait de l’indicatif

    Here’s the French for -armour-plate conjugated with all the pronouns in the past perfect tense.
    j’avais blindé
    - I had armour-plated
    tu avais blindé
    - you had armour-plated- (familiar or informal)
    il, elle, on avait blindé
    - he, she, it, one had armour-plated
    nous avions blindé
    - we had armour-plated
    vous aviez blindé
    - you had armour-plated (formal or plural)
    ils, elles avaient blindé
    - they had armour-plated

    Future Perfect or Future Anterior Tense conjugations of blinder, the French for armour-plate
    futur antérieur

    j’aurai blindé
    - I will have
    tu auras blindé
    - you will have - (familiar or informal)
    il, elle, on aura blindé
    - he, she, it, one will have
    nous aurons blindé
    - we will have
    vous aurez blindé
    - you will have - (formal or plural)
    ils, elles auront blindé
    - they will have

    Conditional Perfect conditionnel passé

    j’aurais blindé
    - I would have armour-plated
    tu aurais blindé
    - you would have armour-plated- (familiar or informal)
    il, elle, on aurait blindé
    - he, she, it, one would have armour-plated
    nous aurions blindé
    - we would have armour-plated
    vous auriez blindé
    - you would have armour-plated- (formal or plural)
    ils, elles auraient blindé
    - they would have armour-plated

    Imperative impératif

    - armour-plate!
    - let’s armour-plate!
    - armour-plate!

    Present Participle of blinder

    blindant - armour-plating

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