The Verb in French for damage is abîmer

To damage in French is abîmer.
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Here is the fully conjugated French verb, in all the main tenses, laid out so that you can learn them onsite in this free French verb lesson.

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Learning French verbs is best done by recognising the patterns that they follow. There are several patterns, but most of them follow regular patterns. If you practise these conjugations on these free online French language learning webpages, you will soon get to recognise the patterns.

This particular French verb, abîmer - to damage, is a regular ER verb, meaning that it follows the pattern that most French verbs ending in the letters ER follow.

Learn the French verb abîmer fully conjugated

The 5 Simple Tenses of the conjugated French verb abîmer - to damage

Present Indicative Tense conjugations of abîmer
présent de l’indicatif

- I damage
tu abîmes
- you damage - (familiar or informal)
il, elle, on abîme
- he, she, it, one damages
nous abîmons
- we damage
vous abîmez
- you damage (formal or plural)
ils, elles abîment
- they damage

Imperfect Indicative Tense conjugations of abîmer
imparfait de l’indicatif

- I damaged
- I was damaging
tu abîmais
- you damaged- (familiar or informal)
- you were damaging
il, elle, on abîmait
- he, she, it, one damaged
- he, she, it, one was damaging
nous abîmions
- we damaged
- we were damaging
vous abîmiez
- you damaged- (formal or plural)
- you were damaging
ils, elles abîmaient
- they damaged
- they were damaging

Future Tense conjugations of abîmer

- I will damage
tu abîmeras
- you will damage (familiar or informal)
il, elle, on abîmera
- he, she, it, one will damage
nous abîmerons
- we will damage
vous abîmerez
- you will damage (formal or plural)
ils, elles abîmeront
- they will damage

Conditional Tense conjugations of abîmer

- I would damage
tu abîmerais
- you would damage (familiar or informal)
il, elle, on abîmerait
- he, she, it, one would damage
nous abîmerions
- we would damage
vous abîmeriez
- you would damage (formal or plural)
ils, elles abîmeraient
- they would damage

Present Subjunctive Tense conjugations of abîmer
présent de subjonctif

que j’abîme
- that I may damage
que tu abîmes
- that you may damage(familiar or informal)
qu’il, qu’elle, qu’on abîme
- that he, she, it, one may damage
que nous abîmions
- that we may damage
que vous abîmiez
- that you may damage(formal or plural)
qu’ils, qu’elles abîment
- that they may damage

The Four Compound Tenses of the French verb abîmer - the verb ’to damage’ in French

Past Participle of abîmer is: abîmé -damaged.

The past participle is very important as it is used to form the various compound tenses, four of which are used in modern French conversation and writing. Check out the tenses in the tables below.

Again learning the patterns that the compound verbs follow, means that you will soon see that these patterns repeat again and again. The compound tenses are always the same conjugations of either avoir or être, followed by the past participle.

Realising this will make your learning of French verbs easier.

Compound Past or Past Indefinite Tense conjugations of abîmer
passé composé

j’ai abîmé
- I have damaged or I did damage or
- I damaged
tu as abîmé
- you have damaged or you did damage - (familiar or informal) or
- you damaged
il, elle, on a abîmé
- he, she, it, one has damage or did damage
- he, she, it damaged
nous avons abîmé
- we have damaged or we did damage
- we damaged
vous avez abîmé
- you have damaged or you did damage (formal or plural) or
- or we damaged
ils, elles ont abîmé
- they have damaged or they did damage
- they damaged

Past Perfect Indicative or Pluperfect Tense conjugations of abîmer - damage in French
plus-que-parfait de l’indicatif

j’avais abîmé
- I had damaged
tu avais abîmé
- you had damaged- (familiar or informal)
il, elle, on avait abîmé
- he, she, it, one had damaged
nous avions abîmé
- we had damaged
vous aviez abîmé
- you had damaged (formal or plural)
ils, elles avaient abîmé
- they had damaged

Future Perfect or Future Anterior Tense conjugations of abîmer
futur antérieur

j’aurai abîmé
- I will have damaged
tu auras abîmé
- you will have damaged- (familiar or informal)
il, elle, on aura abîmé
- he, she, it, one will have damaged
nous aurons abîmé
- we will have damaged
vous aurez abîmé
- you will have damaged- (formal or plural)
ils, elles auront abîmé
- they will have damaged

Conditional Perfect Tense conjugations of abîmer
conditionnel passé

j’aurais abîmé
- I would have damaged
tu aurais abîmé
- you would have damaged- (familiar or informal)
il, elle, on aurait abîmé
- he, she, it, one would have damaged
nous aurions abîmé
- we would have damaged
vous auriez abîmé
- you would have damaged- (formal or plural)
ils, elles auraient abîmé
- they would have damaged

Imperative Tense conjugations of abîmer

- damage!
- let’s damage!
- damage!

Present Participle of abîmer

abîmant - damaging

Other Less Common Tenses in French Verbs

There are other tenses in French but these are not really used in conversation. Hence we have not conjugated the French verb abîmer in the following tenses. They are useful to be aware of, as you may come across them in literature.

Simple Tenses not used much in French conversation these days...

  • The Simple Past (or past definite tense) passé simple. This tense is generally used in formal literature and historic writing. It is used very infrequently nowadays except for the verbs être and avoir, which should be learned in these tenses. The passé composé is used in its place these days.
  • Imperfect Subjunctive - imparfait du subjonctif. Again this is used in formal writing and old literature and not used in modern writing or conversation. The present subjunctive is used these days.

Compound Tenses not used often in modern French conversation

  • Past Anterior tense - passé antérieur
  • Past Subjunctive tense - passé du subjonctif
  • Past Perfect subjunctive or pluperfect subjunctive - plus-que-parfait du subjonctif

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The word in French for to damage is the French verb abîmer.

Enjoy learning French. Learn your French conjugations here at the 200 Words a Day! Learn French online language school, and try out the sample French sentences which put words like damage into sentences.

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