The French for purify is the verb épurer

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    French for purify (water or oil) is the regular ER verb épurer, covered here in all the tenses used in modern French.


    The ultimate way to superlearn words like the French for purify - épurer apply visual memory prompts like cartoony memory triggers.

    So, if you want to know how to say purify in French, how to express the verb in all the main tenses, here it is.

    The 6 Simple Tenses of the conjugated verb épurer - French for purify

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    Here you’ll learn the conjugations of épurer, which is French for purify.
    • I purify.
    • you purified.
    • he will purify.
    • we would purify.
    • they may purify.

    The Tables of the Verb Conjugated below for épurer, give you the ability to practise your French verb drills both by PRONOUN (vertically) which is 'I, you, he, she, we, they' etc, and by TENSE (horizontally). Repeat this process several times.
    Simple Tenses épurer

    épure épures épure épurons épurez épurent
    Past Imperfect
    épurais épurais épurait épurions épuriez épuraient
    Simple Past
    Passé Simple

    épurai épuras épura épurâmes épurâtes épurèrent

    will purify
    épurerai épureras épurera épurerons épurerez épureront

    would purify
    épurerais épurerais épurerait épurerions épureriez épureraient

    may purify
    épure épures épure épurions épuriez épurent
    Compound Tenses épurer
    Present Perfect
    Passé Composé

    have purified
    ai épuré as épuré a épuré avons épuré avez épuré ont épuré
    Past Perfect

    had purified
    avais épuré avais épuré avait épuré avions épuré aviez épuré avaient épuré
    Future Perfect
    Futur Antérieur

    will have
    aurai épuré auras épuré aura épuré aurons épuré aurez épuré auront épuré
    Conditional Perfect
    Conditionnel Passé

    would have purified
    aurais épuré aurais épuré aurait épuré aurions épuré auriez épuré auraient épuré

    épure épurons épurez

    Present Indicative présent de l’indicatif

    je épure
    - I purify
    tu épures
    - you purify - (familiar or informal)
    il, elle, on épure
    - he, she, it, one purifies
    nous épurons
    - we purify
    vous épurez
    - you purify (formal or plural)
    ils, elles épurent
    - they purify

    Imperfect Indicative imparfait de l’indicatif

    je épurais
    - I purified
    - I was purifying
    tu épurais
    - you purified- (familiar or informal)
    - you were purifying
    il, elle, on épurait
    - he, she, it, one purified
    - he, she, it, one was purifying
    nous épurions
    - we purified
    - we were purifying
    vous épuriez
    - you purified- (formal or plural)
    - you were purifying
    ils, elles épuraient
    - they purified
    - they were purifying

    Simple Past or Past Definite passé simple

    je épurai
    - I purified
    tu épuras
    - you purified- (familiar or informal)
    il, elle, on épura
    - he, she, it, one purified
    nous épurâmes
    - we purified
    vous épurâtes
    - you purified- (formal or plural)
    ils, elles épurèrent
    they purified
    (The passé simple tense is mainly used in literature and books, and is rarely used in spoken French language).

    Future futur

    je épurerai
    - I will purify
    tu épureras
    - you will purify (familiar or informal)
    il, elle, on épurera
    - he, she, it, one will purify
    nous épurerons
    - we will purify
    vous épurerez
    - you will purify (formal or plural)
    ils, elles épureront
    - they will purify

    Conditional conditionnel

    je épurerais
    - I would purify
    tu épurerais
    - you would purify (familiar or informal)
    il, elle, on épurerait
    - he, she, it, one would purify
    nous épurerions
    - we would purify
    vous épureriez
    - you would purify (formal or plural)
    ils, elles épureraient
    - they would purify

    Present Subjunctive présent de subjonctif

    que je épure
    - that I may purify
    que tu épures
    - that you may purify(familiar or informal)
    qu’il, qu’elle, qu’on épure
    - that he, she, it, one may purify
    que nous épurions
    - that we may purify
    que vous épuriez
    - that you may purify(formal or plural)
    qu’ils, qu’elles épurent
    - that they may purify

    The Four Compound Tenses of the French for verb épurer - the verb ‘to purify’ in French

    Past Participle of épurer is:
    épuré -purified.

    The past participle is combined with the tenses of avoir, to make the compounds. Four are in common use.
    • I have purified
    • you had purified
    • he will have purified
    • we would have purified

    Compound Past, Present Perfect or Past Indefinite Tense conjugations of épurer - French for purify
    passé composé

    Here’s the French for purify conjugated with all the pronouns in the present perfect tense.
    j’ai épuré
    - I have purified or I did purify or
    - I purified
    tu as épuré
    - you have purified or you did purify - (familiar or informal) or
    - you purified
    il, elle, on a épuré
    - he, she, it, one has purify or did purify
    - he, she, it purified
    nous avons épuré
    - we have purified or we did purify
    - we purified
    vous avez épuré
    - you have purified or you did purify (formal or plural) or
    - or we purified
    ils, elles ont épuré
    - they have purified or they did purify
    - they purified

    Past Perfect Indicative or Pluperfect Tense conjugations of épurer - purify in French
    plus-que-parfait de l’indicatif

    Here’s the French for -purify conjugated with all the pronouns in the past perfect tense.
    j’avais épuré
    - I had purified
    tu avais épuré
    - you had purified- (familiar or informal)
    il, elle, on avait épuré
    - he, she, it, one had purified
    nous avions épuré
    - we had purified
    vous aviez épuré
    - you had purified (formal or plural)
    ils, elles avaient épuré
    - they had purified

    Future Perfect or Future Anterior Tense conjugations of épurer, the French for purify
    futur antérieur

    j’aurai épuré
    - I will have
    tu auras épuré
    - you will have - (familiar or informal)
    il, elle, on aura épuré
    - he, she, it, one will have
    nous aurons épuré
    - we will have
    vous aurez épuré
    - you will have - (formal or plural)
    ils, elles auront épuré
    - they will have

    Conditional Perfect Tense conjugations of épurer, the French for purify
    conditionnel passé

    j’aurais épuré
    - I would have purified
    tu aurais épuré
    - you would have purified- (familiar or informal)
    il, elle, on aurait épuré
    - he, she, it, one would have purified
    nous aurions épuré
    - we would have purified
    vous auriez épuré
    - you would have purified- (formal or plural)
    ils, elles auraient épuré
    - they would have purified

    Imperative Tense conjugations of épurer, the French for purify

    - purify!
    - let’s purify!
    - purify!

    Present Participle of épurer

    épurant - purifying

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    Learn the verb in French for purify which is épurer conjugated here online.

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