French Restaurants

The French restaurants and the national cuisine has a solid reputation, which is not without reason. Our country possesses a very strong culinary culture

Each year, during a week, there is “la semaine du goût” (taste week), to make discover to kind the taste and all the savour our cuisine can have. It’s to say that well eating has an important place.

And yet, our habits have changed: we eat faster and less. That why cuisine is became sacred: we appreciate a meal between friends better because it is more rare.


The use of the term French Restaurants can be different and numerous: it can be countryside settlement as a comfortable castle. The majority of the hotel possesses a restaurant for the non-residents.

With the same quality, the prices are usually the same, except in the big towns where it can considerably vary. But it’s in this towns that you have the most choices.

What is making the difference of the meal price; it’s the shortage of the food, quality of the cuisine and the excellence of the service. In very good restaurants, you can spend until 150 € (100 £) per person.


Formerly where the beers were manufactured, the breweries are today the places where we consume it. With big rooms, cordial and animated, keeping their decoration of origin, some breweries are true institutions.

Generally, breweries serve at any hours, until late in the night. We can eat copious traditional dishes regional, with reasonable prices. It’s also in breweries that you can eat plates of seafood and, sometimes, order it. It is increasingly wiser to hold a table to avoid waiting upright in the draughts.


At the end of the retirement of Russia, the Cossacks enter in Paris. “Bistro! Bistro!” (Quick” Quick!) exclaim thirsty Russian, sat at table in the coffees.

Since the word remained and “café” or “bistrots” forms part of the decoration of all cities and villages.

You can't compare French Restaurants with Bistro. Zinc, tables and chairs, a terrace and some parasols, sometimes billiards, a carpet to play the charts or the dice, a television for the football matches, veiled the decoration! Even with the arriving of the electronic games in the bistro, it stays a cordial and convivial place.


The café prepare snacks, and serve at any time dishes more or less complicated: toasted ham and cheese sandwich, hot dogs, lettuce or omelette. In town, when it’s sunny, terrace place are very research at lunchtime.

When the café are also tobacconists, they are more animated. To the consumers the better of horses are added, lotto, bingo and many charts to be scraped. The Sunday morning, the tobacconists still open (the shops are closed the Sunday in France) are crowded.


In the big towns, as French Restaurants, café and bars diversified and are treated on a hierarchical basis according to their site or of their customers. If the simpler bars are attended by the inhabitants of the district others, more specific bars, have a literary or artistic vocation.

These distinctions, sometimes very subtle, indicate certain snobbery. Since 10 or 12 years, big café are open in fashion districts. Be sit at the terraces of one of this café, is not only to be refreshed, but also to be see and observe their neighbours. In the bars rather popular the night, they serve alcohols, cocktails and a beers.

After discovering the French Restaurants, find the French Cuisine

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