Grammar Terms

Why learn about Grammar Terms?

Knowing the standard words used in grammar will make your job of learning a language much easier.

Often they are seemingly complex looking or sounding words that explain very simple words.

Don't be frightened by the seemingly 'academic' look to some of these terms. They are very useful terms and are easy to come to grips with:

To become familiar with some of the normal terms used in learning Grammar, take a look at this sentence:

"The woman washes a round plate quickly in the kitchen."

The role of each word in the sentence and the associated grammatical terms are explained below:

Grammar Terms What it is Word in Sentence
Definite Article indicates something definite (The)
Noun (subject) person, place, thing, animal (woman)
Verb "doing" word, describes the action (washes)
Indefinite Article indicates something indefinite (a)
Adjective describes the noun (round)
Noun (object) person, place, thing, animal doing the action (plate)
Adverb describes the verb (how is the action done?) (quickly)
Preposition time, place, condition (in)
Definite Article the (the)
Noun person, place, thing, animal receiving the action (kitchen)

Here are some other useful Terms used in Grammar

Grammar Terms What is is Examples
Personal (subject) pronoun This replaces the noun I, you, he, she, it, they, we, one
Subject The person, place, thing or animal that does the action. Mike, mouse, town
Object The person, place, thing or animal that receives the action. e.g. Sue, dog, box
Conjunction links two parts of a sentence together. and, if, but -

For more lessons showing Grammar Terminology in Use, click below.

Lessons of Grammar Terms in Use

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