Learn French in France at a French Language School

One of the best strategies for learning French is of course to learn French in France, at a Language school on location! There are literally hundreds of schools catering for all tastes, needs, budgets and requirements. We have selected a variety of French language schools in France in different areas for you to learn and perfect your French.

Check out our list and click on the link to for more information on each French language school.

Choosing a French Language School is a somewhat daunting task as there is so much range and variety from which to choose. Take a look at the things to consider at the bottom of the page.

There are many things to consider, and you can take anything from a course of just a week, to a full time degree course of study. There are all sorts of part-time French language study options and full-time study options.

Where possible try to get in to a smaller class size, rather than a larger class size.

Enjoy your French language school, and the experience of practising, consolidating and learning French in France.

Langues sans Frontières - Montpellier

Actilangue - Nice

Accord - Paris

Altiplano Language School - Chamonix + Grenoble

Accent Français - Montpellier

Individual Instruction with Genevieve Eskenazi - Cote d'Azur
Je propose une formule de séjour originale qui assure une immersion totale dans la langue et dans la culture française. (I offer an original method for your stay that assures you of total immersion in the language and in French culture). Individual and small classes, with a qualified French teacher. Accommodation arranged. An example of a place where you can learn French in France in a small, personalised environment.
Classes with Genevieve Ezkenazi

Institut Linguistique Adenet - Montpellier

Perpignan University - Perpignan
You can learn French in France at any of the many universities too. This need not always be for a full degree or diploma, but can just be a number of courses in the language.

Crea Langues - Provence

Institut d'Annecy - Annecy

Institute of Chambéry - Chambéry

Cief - Dijon
Learn French at the University of Bourgogne

Institut de Touraine - Touraine

France Langue - Paris

Ecole des Trois Ponts - Roanne

France Langue and Culture - Nice

Langanice - Nice

Idiom International Language Center - Nice

Langue Onze - Paris

CIEL - Relecq-Kerhuon

ELFE - Paris

ILP - Montpellier

Azurlingua - Nice

Centre International d'Antibes - Antibes

Coeur de France - Sancerre

Learning a language on location in a French speaking country is a very powerful way to learn. You get to see and hear the language in operation, and in context.

To a new student, it can at first it can just seem a whole load of babble, and can be totally overwhelming. But... stick with it. It will click if you keep working at it, get yourself a good teacher and some good study aids, whether they be books, French language computer programs, CD-Roms, audio equipment etc, etc.

When choosing a French language school where you can learn French in France, you need to consider such things as: your budget, how much time you have available, class size, location, whether you want a total immersion language learning situation, whetheryou can easily travel to the town or city you want to visit.

Total Immersion Language Learning when you learn French in France

'Total immersion' is an extremely valuable way of learning, although it can be daunting and overwhelming at first.

This where you live and learn in a totally 'French-speaking' situation.

I thoroughly recommend it, although it may not suit all students. Some may prefer to be 'led in' gently with initially a large degree of language instruction in English. At some point however, if you want your language skills to 'click', you must incorporate a level of total immersion French living.

You must practise, practise and practise, which means speaking, reading and listening. The beauty of the situation when you learn French in France is that the language is all around you - in the shops, cafés, bars, restaurants, airports, hotels, villages, TV, newspaper, billboards, radio etc, etc. You are surrounded by the culture and the feel!

Speaking and conversing is so important, as it forces you to construct sentences, and think of putting together a structure. The students who make the most progress in language learning are those that use it as a tool to communicate, rather than as an exercise in academia.

You learn from your mistakes... so you have to be prepared to make mistakes! Lots of them. The more you make, the more practice you will be getting.

No mistakes does not mean you are a genius. It means you are making no progress.

And remember the learning never stops!

Enjoy your French language school experience while you learn French in France.

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If you have have a language school where students can learn French in France, then just contact us and send us information on your school, so that we can add your school's link to our French learning website, and add some information about your school to our site.

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