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Sahel Radio

French Radio Stations Around the FrancoWorld
Belgium Radio
Benin Radio
Cameroon Radio
Canada Radio
Congo Radio
Cote d'Ivoire Radio
Democratic Republic of Congo Radio
French Radio
French Caribbean Radio
Gabon Radio
Guinea and Equatorial Guinea Radio
La Reunion Radio
Luxembourg Radio
Madagascar Radio
Maghreb Radio
Mauritius Radio
Rwanda Burundi Radio
Swiss Radio
Togo Radio

Lamp Fall FM
Local religious station for Serigne Touba Khadimou Rassoul.

Click here to visit the Lamp Fall FM radio web site

RFM Radio
Local station in Dakar - mews and sports.

Click here to visit the RFM radio web site

Senegal national radio first channel, watch and listen to news videos.

Click here to visit the RTS 1 web site

Seneweb Radio
Sunuweb Live radio by Dj Lordyou 100 % Mbalax,Zouk etc...

Click here to visit the Seneweb Radio web site

Farm Radio
Farm Radio Weekly is a news and information service for rural radio broadcasters in sub-Saharan Africa. It is published by Farm Radio International.
Click here to visit the Farm Radio website

Mauritania radio

TV5 Monde Includes Learn French Language tab

Click here to visit TV5 Monde website

C.R.I.DE.M : Intersting news, not much audio though.
Click here to visit C.R.I.DE.M website .

Mali Radio

ORTM (Office De Radio Télévision du Mali) .
This is the national office for Television and radio in Mali.

Click here to visit the ORTM web site


Click here to visit this Mali news website.

Radio Canal 2000
The programs of this radio are apolitical, cultural, mostly musical and youth-oriented.

Click here to visit the Radio Canal 2000 web site

Radio Kayira
This local radio for Bamako was created by militants of the democratic movement and progressists helped by foreign cooperation. It is an information radio which goal is to make people aware of the local, regional, national and international life.

Click here to visit the Radio Kayira web site

Radio Tabalé
It is an apolitical radio made by and for the young people.

Click here to visit the Radio Tabalé web site

Africa 1
A successful information radio with more than 30 million audience.

Click here to visit the Africa 1 web site

Burkina Faso radio

Ouaga FM
Local radio.

Click here to visit the Ouaga FM web site

Radio Evangile Développement
It is a religious radio ran by 5 different evangelic chuches.

Click here to visit the Radio Evangile Développement web site

Radio Pulsar
Local radio, young and fun.

Click here to visit the Radio Pulsar web site

Niger radio

National radio

La voix du Sahel
No web site.

Private radios

Africa 1

Click here to visit the Africa 1 web site

Chad radios

National radio

Radiodiffusion Nationale Tchadienne

Click here to visit the Radiodiffusion Nationale Tchadienne web site
(under construction).

Private radios

RFI 1 Afrique It is not a Sahel radio strictly speaking as it is French radio but it broadcats its programs in most of the Sahel countries.

Click here to visit the RFI radio web site

Djibouti radios

BBC World Service
BBC World Service is obviously an English radio but it can be considered as a Sahel radio as it transmists its programs throughout the bulk of the Sahel countries.

Click here to visit the BBC World Service English web site

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Sahel radio
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