How to store your wine in best conditions?

The wine is a living product with sensibility which deserves delicate gestures to save the many years' working fruit.

By waiting for the good moment of the tasting, it will be necessary to store these invaluable flasks in a cocoon suited well for an optimal ripening.

Everybody has not a vault or dug in the rock, dark, fresh,wet and quiet with a ground in hard-packed surface: the ideal!

But fortunately with some of our advices you can get organized to store in best conditions your wine.

Learn about wine storage.

By Albin VIDAL


The wine is afraid of the light which can favor the development of certain diseases.

The neon is to be banned as mode of lighting and it's better for your wine to block the sources of light outside.


The hygrometry (the %of humidity) must be checked neither too much, nor too little, approximately 70 %.

This humidity must be permanently maintained, if the cellar is too dry, it will be enough to place some water containers there.

A hygrometer sold in specialized stores will allow an easier control.

The temperature:

Generally the temperature must be lower than 8 ° C and superior to 18 °C the ideal shall be between 10°c and 18°c, but especially to avoid the abrupt distances from temperatures because the variations have to be gently made.

It is necessary to take into account it if our cellar is a little bit warm.

Old wines are more fragile and keep badly over 15 °c, quite as more sensitive white wines than red will be placed near the ground, more freshly, to avoid also exposing wines to drafts.


It can seem complicated to remedy this problem especially if you live in city, however take care of not putting bottles on the floor or against walls.

Eliminate from your cellar any product which can bring smells parasites who can contaminate the wine by infiltrating by the porosités of the cork.

The Cellar:

As regards to the organization of the cellar, a little order will allow you to avoid any useless manipulations.

Store by color, naming, domains, years and according to the consumption (local wines, and those of holidays).

All the wines do not improve by aging, thus watch your available years in cellar.

You have learn how to store your wine ! learn now how to serve the wine !

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How to store your wine
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