French Comparative Superlative Adverbs

To form French Comparative Superlative Adverbs you need to know what they are:

The comparative and superlative in English are:

e.g Easily
More easily (comparative)
Most easily (superlative)

French Comparative Superlative Adverbs are formed in a similar way to adjectives (see lesson “comparative and superlative of adjectives")

e.g Facilement easily
Comparative: plus facilement (more easily)
Superlative: le plus facilement (most easily)

The superlative always starts with le, la or les

C’est elle qui le chantera le plus facilement = She’s the one who will sing it the most easily.

With adjectives

Moins…que = less…than
Aussi…que = as…as
Si…que = as (after a negative)

French Comparative Superlative Adverbs can be used to form comparatives in the same way as plus…que

Elle part en vacances moins souvent que toi = She goes on holiday less often than you.
Il ne conduit pas si vite que toi = He doesn’t drive as fast as you.

To form a superlative, le moins (the least) can also be used in the same manner as le plus (the most)

Celui qui le fait le moins bien = The one who does it least well.

There are a few irregular French Comparative Superlative Adverbs to be careful of

Beaucoup (much) = plus (more), le plus (the most)
Bien (well) = mieux (better), le mieux (the best)
Peu (little) = moins ( less), le moins (the least)

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