French Future Tense

The French Future Tense, as in English, is used to imply that which has not yet happened but will happen.

He will eat dinner at 12 o’clock.
She will ride the bus to school.

Regular verbs are easily conjugated into the Future Tense by adding the following endings to the infinitive form of the verb.
–ER, –IR, and –RE are the infinitive form endings of French verbs.

“To walk” is the infinitive of “walk”
“To do” is the infinitive of “do”

The infinitive form of every verb is what translates as to ___.

French Future Tense verb endings

English person French person future ending
I je ~ ai
you (informal) tu ~ as
he, she il/elle ~ a
we nous ~ ons
you (formal) vous ~ ez
they (m+f) ils/elles ~ ont

There are examples below for each of the three types of regular verbs:

French Future Tense -ER Verbs

e.g. parler - to speak

je parlerai - I will speak
tu parleras - you (informal) will speak
il/elle parlera - he/she will speak
nous parlerons - we will speak
vous parlerez - you (formal) will speak
ils/elles parleront - they will speak

Je parlerai avec mon professeur. - I will speak with my professor.

French Future Tense -RE Verbs

e.g. vendre - to sell

je vendrai - I will sell
tu vendras - you (informal) will sell
il/elle vendra - he/she will sell
nous vendrons - we will sell
vous vendrez - you (formal) will sell
ils/elles vendront - they will sell

Note: drop the last –e off the infinitive before adding endings.

Nous vendrons le journal. - We will sell the newspaper.

French Future Tense -IR verbs

e.g. rougir - to blush

je rougirai - I will blush
tu rougiras - You (informal) will blush
il/elle rougira - He/she will blush
nous rougirons - You (formal) will blush
vous rougirez - We will blush
ils/elles rougiront - They will blush

Vous rougirez si je vous raconte la blague. - You will blush if I tell the joke.


French Future Tense – going to

In French, there is a different way of saying I am going to do something

If you wish to say you are going to do something, you just use the conjugated form of the French verb aller (to go) with the infinitive of the intended verb

Aller + infinitive = going to + infinitive

This is a very easy way of constructing the French Future Tense and it works with every infinitive

Je vais– I am going to
Tu vas– You are going to
Il/elle va– He/she is going to
Nous allons– We are going to
Vous allez– You are going to
Ils/elles vont– They are going to

Je vais aller manger – I am going to eat
Tu vas aller nager – You are going to swim
Il/elle va travailler – He/She is going to work
Nous allons prendre ce train – We are going to take this train
Vous allez voir vos amis – You are going to see your friends
Ils/elles vont sortir – They are going to go out

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