French Present Tense

The French Present Tense is used to imply that which one is doing at the moment

He learns his lesson
We go to the swimming pool

Regular verbs are easily conjugated into this tense by adding the following endings to the radical form of the verb.

French present tense verb endings

English person French person Present ending
I Je ~e ~is ~s
You(informal) Tu ~es ~is ~s
He/she Il/elle ~e ~it ~
We Nous ~ons ~issons ~ons
I Je ~e ~is ~s
You(formal) Vous ~ez ~issez ~ez
They Ils/elles ~ent ~issent ~ent

There are examples bellows for each of the three types of regular verbs:

French Present Tense ~ ER verbs

e.g. donner to give

Je donneI give
Tu donnes You give
Il/elle donne he/she gives
Nous donnons we give
Vous donnez you give
Ils/elles donnent they give

Je regarde la television – I watch television

Irregular ~ER verbs

Jeter to throw: double T –Je jette…
Appelerto call: double L – Je appelle…

The é become è

Espérerto hope – J’espère…
Répéterto repeat – Je répète…
Acheterto buy – J’ achète…
Leverto lift – Je lève…

French Present Tense ~ IR verbs

e.g. finirto finish

Je finisI finish
Tu finisyou finish
Il/elle finit he/she finishes
Nous finissonswe finish
Vous finissezyou finish
Ils/elles finissentthey finish

Nous finissons de boire notre chocolat – we finish drinking our chocolate

Irregular ~ IR verbs

Courirto run - je cours…
Dormirto sleep - je dors…
Fuirto flee - je fuis…
Ouvrirto open - j’ouvre…
Partir to leave - je pars…
Venirto come - je viens…

French Present Tense ~ RE verbs

e.g. vendre - to sell

Je vendsI sell
Tu vendsyou sell
Il/elle vendhe/she sells
Nous vendons we sell
Vous vendez you sell
Ils vendent they sell

Ils vendent leur maison – they sall their house

Irregular ~ RE verbs

Etreto be - je suis, tu es, il/elle est, nous sommes, vous êtes, ils/elles sont
Battreto fight - je bats…
Boireto drink - je bois…
Conduireto drive - je conduis…
Connaîtreto know - je connais…
Craindreto fear - je crains…
Croireto believe - je crois…
Direto say - je dis…
Ecrireto write - j’écris…
Faire - to do, make - je fais
Lireto read - je lis…
Mettreto put - je mets…
Prendreto take - je prends…
Rireto laugh - je ris…
Suivreto follow - je suis…
Vivreto live - je vis…

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