French Verbs Followed by Preposition

A lot of French Verbs Followed by Preposition exist in the french grammar:

French Verbs Followed by Preposition:
After the verb

Aider à = To help to
Apprendre à = To learn to
S’attendre à = To expect to
Commencer à = To begin to
Consentir à = To agree to
Continuer à = To continue to
Se décider à = To make’s up one’s mind to
Forcer à = To compel to
Hésiter à = To hesitate to
Inviter à = To invite to
Se mettre à = To begin to
Obliger à = To oblige to
Ressembler à = To look like
S’arrêter de = To stop doing (to)
Avoir l’intention de= To intend to
Avoir peur de= To be afraid of (doing)
Avoir besoin de= To need to
Cesser de= To stop (doing)
Décider de= To decide to
Defendre de = To forbid to
Demander de= To ask to
Dire de= To tell to
Empêcher de= To prevent from
Essayer de= To try to
Faire semblant de = To pretend to
Finir de= To finish (doing)
Menacer de= To threaten
Offrir de= To offer to
Permettre de= To allow to
Prier de= To beg to
Promettre de= To promise to
Refuser de= To refuse to
Regretter de= To be sorry for

French Verbs Followed by Preposition:
After preposition

Beaucoup à = A lot to (do)
Le dernier à= The last to
Prêt à= Ready to
Le premier à= The first to
Rien à= Nothing to
Certain de= Certain to
Content de = Pleased to
Le droit de= The right to
Etonné de= Surprised to
Heureux de= Happy to
Obligé de = Obliged to
L’occasion de= The opportunity of
La permission de= The permission of
Surpris de= Surprised to
Le temps de= The time to

French Verbs Followed by Preposition:
Preposition before indirect object

Acheter à quelqu’un= To buy from someone
Cacher à quelqu’un= To hide from someone
Conseiller à quelqu’un= To advise someone
Défendre à quelqu’un= To forbid someone
Donner à quelqu’un= To give to someone
Dire à quelqu’un= To tell someone
Emprunter à quelqu’un = To borrow from someone
Envoyer à quelqu’un = To send someone (something)
Se fier à quelqu’un = To trust someone
Montrer à quelqu’un= To show someone
Obéir à quelqu’un= To obey someone
Offrir à quelqu’un= To offer to someone
Ordonner à quelqu’un= To order someone (to do something)
Penser à quelqu’un= To think of someone
Plaire à quelqu’un= To please someone
Prêter à quelqu’un= To take from someone
Promettre à quelqu’un= To lend someone
Raconter à quelqu’un= To promise someone
Répondre à quelqu’un= To tell someone
Réfléchir à quelqu’un= To reply to someone
Ressembler à quelqu’un= To think of someone
Voler à quelqu’un= To steal from someone

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