General overview figures stats and information on Seychelles

Overview information on Seychelles

In 1814 the Seychelles were ceded to the United Kingdom after a long tussle with France over their sovereignity.

Independence for the Seychelles was 1976.

Free elections took place in 1993.

Geographic information on Seychelles

Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar, east of Africa. Geographic coordinates 4 degrees 35’ South, 55 degrees 40’ East
Total land area: 455 sq km Coastline: 490 km

Climatalogical conditions

The Seychelles has a tropical maritime climate and is humid. The cool season takes place during the southeast monsoon which occurs from late in the month of May to the month of September. The warm season takes place during the period of the northwest monsoon which occurs from the month of March to the month of May.

Terrain information on Seychelles

Mahe Group of islands (about 40) are made of granite and have a narrow coastal strip of land with, rocky, hilly areas; other islands are coral atolls which are flat, elevated reefs. There are about fifty coral islands.

Elevation Highs & Lows Low: Indian Ocean – sea level
Highest: Morne Seychellois 905 metres

Land use: ploughable land: 2 percent permanent crops: 13 percent other: 85 percent

People information on Seychelles

Population: 80,500 (July 2003 estimate) Age structure: below 15 years: 27 percent between 15 and 64 years of age: 66 percent over the age of 65: 7 percent

Median age: total: 27 years male: 26 years; female: 28 years.
Life expectancy at birth: total population: 71 years male: 66 years female: 77 years



Ethnic groups

French descendants and mixed French, African descent, Indian, Chinese, Arabic

Religions Seychelles

Christian 96 percent , other religions 4 percent


English, French, Creole


definition: literate people over 15 years total population: 58 percent male: 56 percent female: 60 percent

Government information on Seychelles

Republic of Seychelles
Government type: Republic Capital : Victoria Independence: June 29th 1976 National holiday: Constitution Day June 18
Constitution: 1993
Legal system: A mixture of English, French law, and customary law. Voting System: Everyone gets to vote at the age of 17 years

Government System

Head of State: President who is both head of government and head of state.
Cabinet: President appoints a Council of Ministers

Legislative branch

Unicameral Assemblee Nationale

Economic information on Seychelles

Strong growth, led by the tourist indsutry has taken place since independence in 1976 from what was almost subsistence levels.

Tourism employs around thirty percent of the labour force and provides more than sseventy percent of foregin exchange currency revenues.

The fishing industry has also shown considerable growth.

Gross Domestic Product

$USD626 million (2002 estimate) Gross Domestic Product – growth rate: 1.5 percent (2002 estimate) Gross Domestic Product - per head of population purchasing power parity - $USD7,800 (2002 estimate) Gross Domestic Product - composition by sector: agriculture: 2.4 percent industry: 24.4 percent services: 73.2 percent (2000)

Inflation rate: 0.5 percent (2002 estimate) Labour force: 30,900 (1996) Labour force: industry 19 percent , services 71 percent , agriculture 10 percent.


Income: $USD250 million expenditures: $USD260 million


$USD 240 million Overseas Debt $USD 170 million Economic aid - recipient: $USD 16 million (1995) Currency: Seychelles rupee (SCR) Currency code: SCR

Communications information on Seychelles

Telephones landlines in use: 20,000; Radio stations: 4 Television stations: 2 Internet country code: .sc Internet Service Providers (ISPs): 1

Transportation – Seychelles

Highways: 373 km

Airports: 14 (2002)

Military information on Seychelles

Army, Coast Guard, Air Wing, Police

International Issues - Seychelles

Seychelles claim the Chagos Archipelago a United Kingdom Territory in the Indian Ocean.
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Source: All info sourced and adapted from CIA Factbook
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