Stats figures and information on Wallis Futuna

General Information on Wallis Futuna & Quick Overview

The French declared Wallis and Futuna a protectorate in 1842, and in 1959 its citizens voted to become a Territory of France.

Geographical statistics & Information on Wallis Futuna

Geographical Position: South Pacific, north of New Zealand Latitude & Longitude 13 degrees 20 South, 176 degrees 10 West Total Land & Sea Area Total280 square kilometres land area 280 square kilometres Land boundaries 0 kilometres Coastal Length 130 kilometres Maritime claims exclusive fishing zone 250 NM territorial sea: 10 NM

Climatological Conditions & information on Wallis Futuna

The climate of Wallis is tropical, hot, wet and humid during its rainy season which extends from the month of November to the month of April); The dry season which runs from the month of May to the month of October is a cool season.

Terrain Features

The island is volcanic in origin; with low lying hills. Highest & Lowest Elevations: Lowest elevation Pacific Ocean at sea level Highest elevation Mont Singavi 770 metres Country’s natural resources few natural resources

Land use

Ploughable land area 5 percent permanent crops 25 percent other: 70 percent (1998 estimate)

Geographical Point of Interest

Islands are surrounded by coral reefs

People information on Wallis Futuna

Population 15,000 (July 2003 estimate) Age structure Net rate of migration Steady emigration to New Caledonia.


Wallisian, Futunan, or Wallis and Futuna Islanders

Ethnic groups



Roman Catholic 98 percent, other 2 percent

Languages & Linguistic Groupings

French, Wallisian Literacy definition People over the age of 15 years that are literate (can read & write): total population: 51 percent male: 53 percent female: 49 percent (1969 estimate)

Government information on Wallis and Futuna

Country name Territory of the Wallis and Futuna Islands Dependency status Overseas territory of France Capital city Mata-Utu (on Ile Uvea) National holiday Bastille Day, 14 July Constitution 1958 - French Constitution Legal system French legal system

Electoral & Voting System

Universal vote from the age of 18. Executive branch Head of StatePresident of France Chief of Government:President of the Territorial Assembly Cabinet: Council of the Territory

Legislative branch Unicameral Assemblee Territoriale voted for 5-year terms

Economy information on Wallis Futuna

Economy - overview Subsistence agriculture, with about eighty percent of the labour force revenues from farming, livestock and fisheries.

About five percent of the population is employed by the government. Considerable French Government subsidies, also revenues from licensing of fishing rights.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

$USD50 million (2000 estimate) Gross Domestic Product (GDP) - per head of population: $USD3,000 (2000 estimate)

Rate of inflation NA percent Labour force - by occupation primary industries 80 percent, government 5 percent (2001 estimate).

Budget information on Wallis and Futuna

Incomes $USD25 million spending $USD20 million, (1998 estimate) Industries copra, handicrafts, fishing, lumber Agriculture - products coconuts, breadfruit, root crops and tubers, bananas; meats, livestock

Foreign Indebtedness

National Currency Comptoirs Francais du Pacifique franc (XPF); Currency Abbreviation XPF

Communications information on Wallis Futuna

Telephones landlines 1,000 (1994) Radio broadcast stations Amplitude Modulation 2, Frequency Modulation 1, shortwave 1 (2000) Television broadcast stations 3 (2000) Internet country code .wf

Transportation in & travel to Wallis and Futuna

Railroad networks 0 kilometres Roading System Total100 kilometres Airports & airfields 1 (2002)

Military system of Wallis and Futuna

Defence and military matters are the controlled by the Republic of France
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Facts on Wallis & Futuna
Source: All info sourced and adapted from CIA Factbook
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