General overview stats figures and information on Andorra

General overview and information on Andorra

From the end of the 13th century to the end of the 20th century Andorra was administered both by the French head of state and the Spanish bishop of Urgel as a co-principality.

Nevertheless Andorra moved to a parliamentary democracy even though the titular chiefs of state remained the same.

The country has always been poor because of its geographical isolation due to the mountains but since World War II tourism has dramatically turned the economy into a prosperous economy. The tourists are all the more attracted since the taxes are very low especially on the incomes.

Geographical information on Andorra

Southwest of Europe, between Spain and France Map ref longitude and latitude: 41 degrees 50 North, 2 degree 50 East Total Land & Sea Area: total area: 470 sq kilometres sea area: 0 sq kilometres land area: 470 sq kilometres Land borderlines: total: 110 kilometres border countries: France 57 kilometres, Spain 64 kilometres Coastal Length: 0 kilometres (landlocked)

Climate-information on Andorra

Moderate; Terrain features: Bumpy mountains Highest & Lowest Elevations: Lowest elevation: Riu Runer 850 m highest point: Coma Pedrosa 2,950 m Raw materials: Hydro electrical power, water, wood, iron and lead mining Land use: Ploughable land: 2 percent Permanent crops: 0 percent Other: 98 percent (1998 estimate) Natural hazards: Avalanches

Geographical Point of Interest

Andorra is landlocked; important intersection in the Pyrenees

People information on Andorra

Population: 70,000 (July 2003 estimate) Age structure: under 15 years: 15 percent 15 to 64 years:72 percent Over 6513 percent Median age of population Total:39 years male: 40 years female: 38 years (2002) Population growth rate: 1 percent (2003 estimate) Birth rate: 9 births per thousand people (2003 estimate) Death rate: 6 deaths per thousand people (2003 estimate) Net migration rate: 7 migrant per thousand people (2003 estimate) Infant mortality rate: total: 4 deaths per thousand live births female: 4 deaths per thousand live births (2003 estimate) male: 4 deaths per thousand live births Life expectancy at birth: total population: 83 years male: 80 years female: 86 years (2003 estimate) Total fertility rate: 1.3 children born/woman (2003 estimate)



Ethnic groups

Spanish 45 percent, Andorran 37 percent, Portuguese 10 percent, French 5 percent, other 3 percent (1998)

Religious information on Andorra

Roman Catholic

Languages & Linguistic Groupings

Catalan (official), French, Castilian, Portuguese Literacy total population: 100 percent

Government information on Andorra

Country name Principality of Andorra

Government type Parliamentary democracy even if the president of France and the Spanish bishop of Seo de Urgel, represented by coprinces' remain the heads of the state. Capital city: Andorra la Vella Independence: 1278 National holiday: 8 September Constitution: 1991 Legal system: It is based on French and Spanish civil codes;

Electoral & Voting System

18 years of age; universal Executive branch: Head of state: French Coprince and Spanish Coprince Episcopal cabinet: Executive Council Chief of government: Executive Council President Legislative branch: Unicameral General Council

Economy information on Andorra

Economy - overview: Tourism is the backbone of the economy as it accounts for 4/5 of GDP. Nearly 10 come each year to enjoy Andorra's duty-free status.

The banking sector, which benefits from the country’s tax haven status, is the second mainstay of the economy.

In addition Andorra belongs to the European Union Customs Union that applies an most of the goods except agricultural products which is the imperfection of the economy as the land is barely unploughable.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

$1.5 billion (2000 estimate) Gross Domestic Product - real growth rate: 4 percent (2000 estimate) GDP - per capita: $20,000 (2000 estimate) Inflation rate: 4 percent (2000) Labour force: 35,000 Labour force - by occupation: Agriculture 0.5 percent, industry 20 percent, services 79.5 percent (2000 estimate) Unemployment rate: 1 percent

Budget information on Andorra

Incomes $385 million spending $342 million, including capital expenditures of $NA (1997) Industries Tourism, ewe, raising, wood, banking Agriculture - products Rye, corn, barley, oats, vegetables; ewe


$58 million Exports - products Tobacco, furniture Exports - counterparts Spain 60 percent, France 35 percent (2000) imports: $1.200 billion (1998) Imports - commodities: Foods, electricity Imports - partners: Spain 50 percent, France 33 percent, US 3 percent (2000) Currency: euro (EUR) Currency code: EUR

Communications in Andorra

Telephones : 33,000 (December 1998) Radio broadcast stations: Amplitude Modulation 1, Frequency Modulation 16, SW 1 (1998) Television broadcast stations: none Internet country code: .ad

Transportation in & travel to Andorra

Railways: none Roading system: total: 270 kilometres Airports: 0 (2002)

Military information on Andorra

Military branches: Police force but France and Spain are both responsible for Andorra’s defence International Issues Disputes - international: none
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More information on Andorra, a French-speaking nation
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Information on Andorra
Source: All info sourced and adapted from CIA Factbook
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