Fun factual information on Monaco

General Information on Monaco

Monaco’s fortunes took a boost in the late 1800’s with the establishment of a railroad connection to large neighour France, and the construction of a casino, attracting millions of travellers and tourists.

It has since developed in to a Tax Haven.

Geographical Statistics & Information on Monaco

Geographical Position: Western Europe, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea on the Côte d’Azur, France’s southern coast, in the vicinity of the French border with Italy. Part of the French Riviera, and in close proximity to the French city of Nice. Map Ref Latitude & Longitude 43 degrees 45 North, 7 degrees 25 East Total Land & Sea Area Total: 2 square kilometres Sea Area 0 square kilometres land area: 2 square kilometres Land boundaries: Total: 4 kilometres border countries: France 4 kilometres Coastal Length: 4 kilometres Maritime claims: territorial sea: 15 NM

Climatological Conditions & information on Monaco

Monaco has a Mediterranean climate with cool, mild, damp winters. During the summer it is hot and dry.

Terrain Features

Rocky, hillside, craggy mountainside. Highest & Lowest Elevations: Lowest elevation: Mediterranean Sea at sea level Highest elevation: Mont Agel 142 metres Country’s natural resources: none

Land use

ploughable land area: 0 percent permanent crops: 0 percent

Geographical Point of Interest

Monaco is the world’s 2nd-smallest independent state, second to the Vatican City – the Holy Sea. There is no farmland on this tiny mountainous nation.

Information on People

Population: 32,000 (July 2003 estimate)

Age structure: under 15 years: 16 percent 15 to 64 years: 62 percent Over 65: 22 percent Median age of population: Total: 44 years male: 42 years female: 46 years (2002) Population growth rate: 0.45 percent (2003 estimate) Birth rate: 9.5 births per thousand population (2003 estimate) mortality rate: 13 deaths per thousand population (2003 estimate) Net rate of migration: 8 migrant(s) per thousand population (2003 estimate) Infant mortality rate: Total: 6 deaths per thousand live births female: 5 deaths per thousand live births (2003 estimate) male: 7 deaths per thousand live births Life expectancy at birth: total population: 79 years male: 75 years female: 83 years (2003 estimate) Total fertility rate: 1.7 children born/woman (2003 estimate)


Monegasque or Monacan

Ethnic groups

Monegasque 15 percent, French 50 percent, Italian 15 percent, other nationalities 20 percent


Roman Catholic 90 percent

Languages & Linguistic Groupings

French (official), Italian, Monegasque, English Literacy: total population: 99 percent

Government information on Monaco

Country name: Principality of Monaco Government type: Constitutional Monarchy Capital city: Monaco Independence: 1419 – the start of the House of Grimaldi’s reign. National holiday: National Day - Prince of Monaco Day, November 19th Constitution: 1962 Legal system: based on French Civil Code

Electoral & Voting System

universal vote for all citizens over 21 years of age; Executive branch: Head of State: Prince
Cabinet: Council of Government comes under the auspices of the Prince Chief of Government:Minister of State

Legislative branch: Unicameral Conseil National of 24 seats voted for 5-year terms.

Economy information on Monaco

Monaco’s location on the French Riviera and its casino have long attracted large numbers of tourists.

With its low income tax and low corporate taxation it is a thriving tax haven and financial services centre with a high standard of living.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

$USD880 million (1999 estimate) Gross Domestic Product - actual growth rate: NA percent Gross Domestic Product (GDP) - per head of population: $USD28,000 (1999 estimate) Rate of inflation: NA percent Labour force: 30,500 (January 1994) Rate of unemployment: 3 percent (1998)


Incomes: $USD520 million spending : $USD530 million Industries: Tourism, building, light industrial. Electricity is provided by neighbour France.

Agriculture - products: none

National Currency: euro (EUR) Currency Abbreviation: EUR

Communications in Monaco

Telephones landlines: 31,000 (1995) Radio broadcast stations: Amplitude Modulation 2, Frequency Modulation NA, shortwave 9 (1998) Television broadcast stations: 6 (1998) Internet country code: .mc

Transportation in & travel information on Monaco

Railroad networks: Total: 1.5 kilometres

Roading System: Total: 60 kilometres Airports & airfields: Nil; linked by road and rail to the international airport in nearby Nice, France, and linked by helicopter from Fontvielle

Military system of Monaco

Defence and military matters are the controlled by the Republic of France

International Issues Disputes - international: none

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Information on Monaco
Source: All info sourced and adapted from CIA Factbook
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